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WGAS, DILLIGAF, and The Wicked Witch of the East

A while back I wrote a post complaining about managers and supervisors that don’t want to deal with things. I’m not in management, I don’t supervise anyone, so I get to bitch. Right?

Almost anytime someone has asked me to do a task that isn’t my job, but isn’t likely to get me in trouble, I’ll help. I’m in maintenance, so my work area could be anywhere in the facility or grounds. You want me to do something that affects the other shifts, nah why don’t you go through channels to get approval. I don’t want anybody jumping down my throat because I did something without a work order. You misplace something and ask me to keep an eye out for it, sure no problem. Today I was reminded of Steve Martin in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

Oh, you fucking misplaced something. No, I’m not in charge of the fucking lost and found. No we don’t even HAVE a fucking lost and found anymore. Oh, you fucking lost something last month too?

Who Gives A Shit, Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck, and do you need a house to fall on you to help you keep track of your stuff? Moron, you lost your wedding ring 3 years ago and I found that and returned it. I’m not going to keep your fucking coffee cup. I overheard him say he was going to retire in 11 months, GOOD! I hope he can find his house.

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!
Idiots Assholes and Jerks Oh My!

Okay, my rant is over. I feel better now.

Nookie and Nuki reprise

We’ll see how this goes. I like the idea of being able to link to videos. Nookie {my title} a reporter in China reports about a very rare mushroom, the likes of one nobody in the village has ever seen one.

The other one is Nuki Nuki Nuki. For some reason I just find this one hilarious and addictive. And get a load of the Y fronts, all the Gummi animations wear them.


As Long As It’s Black

Actually that phrase was used to describe Model T Fords. You could buy one any color you wanted, as long as it was black. I don’t know if that entered the vernacular from an ad campaign or just people talking.

Language and imagery do reflect cultural attitudes, the whole idea of using PC expressions came about from derogatory stereotypes. It can be a matter of perception. People tell little white lies, and when they get caught they tell big black ones. Black equals bad? Not to a businessman. They want to be in the black. They like them assets. Would you want a Black and White TV, or a colored one? Pretty much every ethnic group can be described using ethnic slurs. Wops and diegos, and many more that I can’t think were all used perjoratively probably by Archie Bunker. In the days before easy transportation most people lived their entire life less than 2 days walk from where they were born. There were exceptions, Roman Soldiers, Marco Polo, etc. Since they were essentially closed communities family traits became town traits. Then later, town traits would be regional traits. Eventually it amounts to different races. Keep in mind we are still one species. Mixed race kids can turn out fine, breeding between races might create some social problems{mostly from people that can’t stand the idea.}, but biologically it’s fine. There used to be more than one SPECIES of the genus Homo. A Neanderthal man could probably force himself on a Cromagnon woman. But would he want to? Maybe Homo Erectus would be more appealing? Doubtful, IMO. There was an article recently, someone claims to have sequenced the DNA of a Sasquatch. They think some other hominid bred with modern human females 15000 years ago and thus we ended up having Sasquatch running around. Okay, who’s been doing it with the big hairy guy with really big feet?

My point is, I want to figure out how to do some rudimentary links. Rudimentary means I’m rude and a mental case. Here goes,
let’s see if it works.

There Oughta Be A Law Against ….

It should be noted that they don’t make laws against things that nobody does. Similarly they don’t put warning labels on things when nobody has ever done that.

So when you see a warning label, especially one that warns about laws, you have to ask yourself, who was the moron that did that?

And why would anybody rip the tags off mattresses?

When England passed laws against homosexuality during Queen Victoria’s reign, they didn’t make it illegal to be a lesbian. Queenie didn’t believe any women would ever willingly do that. So there was no need for a law.

The Taxed Enough Already party at times seems to border on anarchy. They seem to think that whatever government touches it ruins. Governments are made of people. They aren’t going to be any better than people. Oh, and BTW people make mistakes. On Forever Knight vampires made mistakes too. Nick was forever killing the wrong person for the wrong reason. I’ve only seen a handful of episodes of Dexter. It sounds like he usually gets the right person. When the Tea party people first started appearing on the news, they seemed blissfully unaware as to what “Teabagging” is/was. My sister was one of those people. “You know what teabagging is, don’t you?” “What, has it got some special meaning since conservatives started using it?” “Well, the term was in use at colleges way back in the early 80’s when I was still a student.” “Course we didn’t have cell phone cameras or the internet. It was usually Poloroids on a bulletin board.” One more reason not to drink too much.

The only time I saw Rachel Maddow blush was the first time she did a story about teabaggers. I did see Ted Koppel blush during a Nightline episode about AIDS. They were talking about condom use during oral sex and a caller didn’t seem to think that would help much in his situation {he liked going down on his female partner}. Ted turned very red and went to commercial.

Marriage versus Civil Unions.
The fire at the Triangle shirt factory in 1911 killed a lot of people. The recent fire has some similarities. Unions exist for a reason. Laws exist for a reason. Without unions I doubt there would be an OSHA, or much labor law. I don’t think the middle class would be very big either. If you own a company that makes consumer items {clothing, shoes, kitchen stuff, lawnmowers, yard stuff} your employees should be able to afford your product. No that rule doesn’t apply to yachts, planes, or diagnostic medical equipment, but it should apply to shoes and a toaster. The song 16 Tons {sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford} was about a time when one’s commitment to one’s employer was more durable than marriage. “I owe my soul to the company store.” When divorce is so rare, I wonder how many people think about the phrase “Til death do us part.” If they really want to save social security why don’t they have automakers go back to drum brakes, get rid of the airbags and seatbelts, and have free cigarettes and booze, and school lunches are sugar deep fried in butter. No one would live long enough to burden the system.

If anybody is offended, yea! I did my part!

THWACK! Thank You Sir! May I Have Another?

What motivates a person, a carrot? a stick?
Well I’ve seen a tagline that said anything that doesn’t kill me just makes me stronger. A stick does motivate people. Probably always has, I remember a Bugs Bunny toon where Sam and Bugs are running for mayor. At one point Bugs sports the small glasses, buck teeth, and mustache of TR. He says “I speak softly and carry a biiig stick!” Sam runs up says, “Well I speak loud and carry a bigger stick! And I use it too!” and he bops Bugs on the head. The last election brings up carrot and stick strategies. The GOP seems to favor a stick approach to getting people off welfare. Cut ’em off and they’ll go out and get work. And they favor a carrot approach to encouraging businesses, yeah lets get rid of those pesky regulations and taxes.

I consider myself a Liberal. That doesn’t mean that I think government is utopian. It means that the cost of doing business is not always immediately obvious. You like those countries with low or no corporate tax? I hope you like paying for it in graft. If you’re using lots of irrigation water, do you compensate the people downstream that no longer have that water to drink? If you own a power plant or factory and release pollutants how do you assess downstream damages? You want cheap pork so you open a confinement operation. Do you live downwind of it? If the owners had to live next to their operations, they might decide to clean them up a bit. Personally I think making the top execs live there would be a more effective environmental law. You foul the air, you breathe it. You foul the water, you drink it. Camels know it, the eye of the needle sees it, the love of money is the root of evil. Certainly people should be rewarded for their inventiveness, perseverance, and work ethic. Now think for a minute. If you won a large Powerball jackpot and had millions of dollars. You would not have to work at a job somewhere {particularly a Mcjob}. But that doesn’t mean you would plop in front of a TV and veg until you were dead. You would probably do something that you like to do, something you want to do, whether you make any money at it or not. I’ve never been wealthy, but I did get a Governor’s Volunteer Award in 88 for my work recording books on audio tapes. So at what point is a person wealthy enough? At what point should a person feel, I’ve got enough, the extra can go towards helping people. On the History channel they had a program called “Secret Passages”. On one segment they talked about a wealthy industrialist who felt bad for the locals that wanted to work but couldn’t find jobs. So he hired anybody that wanted to work and had them dig tunnels. In one sense useless, meaningless work, because there was no reason for the tunnels. On the other hand, he helped employ the locals. He spread the wealth around benefiting many. I think it’s a positive story, not a story of waste. Yet if the government tries to redistribute wealth in the exact same way, some would call it waste, some would probably even call it evil.

Self made millionaire? You were raised by wolves then? No, you’d have to give the wolves some credit for taking care of you when you were too young to care for yourself. There are most definitely skills involved in selling yourself, or in selling anything. Knowledge is power, and an awful lot of it comes from others. Look at language. Should you be able to tell what race a person is by talking to them on the phone? How you talk comes from others. You probably didn’t invent your own language and then teach it to your parents/relatives. First impressions do count in job interviews.

I’ll get off my soapbox now, I need some more soap anyway.


And this concerns me how?

I have heard that phrase from members of management many times over the years, more frequently lately. It really pisses me off. Why do you want to be in management if “It’s not your problem.”

You might have noticed that I put this in some unusual categories.
Telemachus was the son of Odysseus. He was too young to go to the Trojan War. He stayed home with mom and complained while “suitors” filled up his father’s house. He didn’t DO anything about it until his father came home. That’s real leadership.

Pythagorus was a great mathematician and musician. He was very knowledgeable, but had the view that knowledge was sacred. It had to be kept secret. Doesn’t great leadership involve not letting people know what plans are in place, and what is the timetable for changes.

Olden times, Yeah, I feel olden more and more.

Happy Thanksgiving All!


Great Minds think Alike, …

Or maybe they just look over your shoulder and copy.

An amusing prank I watched on Youtube showed a young person {in a swimsuit} taking a shower, presumably after swimming. He lathers up the shampoo and while he can’t see another kid adds more shampoo. He spends quite a while trying to rinse and complaining to another kid about this weird shampoo that won’t rinse out. The kid he complains to keeps baiting him telling him to hurry up.

I found this prank to be amusing and harmless. A lot of people must think so too because there are videos of several variations.

I’m still working on figuring the site out, I would’ve posted the video if I knew how to do that.



And just what is it about Argentina?

After WWII, Nazis seemed to venture there, Odessa being the conspiracy theory of choice about that. Adolf Eichman was captured there, Josef Mengele was there at the same time, but was not captured. He fled to Paraguay and Uruguay.

Eva Peron, Evita, died very young at 33. And it seems they didn’t just let her rest in peace. She was embalmed, preserved, put on display for a couple of years, stolen and hidden after a military coup, returned to Juan. This part strikes me as being more than just a little bit weird. I’ll quote wiki:

In 1971, Evita’s body was exhumed and flown to Spain, where Juan Perón maintained the corpse in his home. Juan and his third wife, Isabel, decided to keep the corpse in their dining room on a platform near the table. In 1973, Juan Perón came out of exile and returned to Argentina, where he became president for the third time. Perón died in office in 1974. His third wife, Isabel Perón, whom he had married on 15 November 1961, and who had been elected vice-president, succeeded him, thus becoming the first female president in the Western Hemisphere. It was Isabel who had Evita’s body returned to Argentina and (briefly) displayed beside Juan Perón’s. The body was later buried in the Duarte family tomb in La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires.

End quote.

I said it was weird. How sanitary is it to have a corpse in your dining room?

Continuing, here in the US there was Wilbur Mills fooling around with Fanne Foxe. She was from Argentina

and worked as a stripper. Mills was chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. At one point he appeared on stage with her and her husband. He was a Democrat.

Then you have Mark Sanford. He was governor of South Carolina,and he had an affair with an Argentinian woman. He left and told his family and staff that he was going hiking. He went hiking on National Nude Hiking Day. This was a holiday that I was unfamiliar with. June 21 mark your calenders. He’s a Republican.

Must be some spicy salsa dancers down there. That’s probably the main thing to do in the Falklands.


Nuki Nuki Nuki, How I Love My Nuki

That is pronounced nookie. I was looking for the camp song called “The Bear Song” on youtube. I’ve seen it there before, well this time a search for “The Bear Song” yielded a bunch of songs by the “Gummy Bears”. The gummy songs feature animated gummy bears dancing in their underwear. The Nuki Nuki song was pretty close to the top. I am apparently behind the times, Nuki is a Gerber brand of pacifier.


Okaaay, the next line is “If you’re my friend I’ll share.”  That’s an interesting —



There was also a news article by a Chinese reporter. She was reporting from a village that had recently dug a new well. The village elders and the reporter, thought it was an unusual and rare mushroom that had been dug up. It was actually a sex toy.


Hm, the mushrooms on this pizza are really chewy, and they don’t taste very good.