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Was That Your Bidet? No

No it was my B-day as in birthday. I’m 52 now, just like a deck of cards. Only there are a couple of jokers so it can’t be a full deck. A pinochle deck only has 48 cards. What can you expect, they named the game after some unusual watersports fetish, of course you’re not playing with a full deck. And don’t even bring up one-eyed jacks. You keep them under the table and out of sight. Discretion.

Discretion means discrete quanta. Whatever it is it comes in individual clumps not smooth continuity. Yeah, people are like that. You can always tell where one person ends and another begins. The less discrete they are the easier it is to tell.

Sort of.

Took some time off from work, so it’s been fun not plowing snow, although I do still have to do my own sidewalk and driveway. And it has definitely been cold too. My sleep is still on my work schedule, even so, I should try to get to bed earlier. This is probably my shortest post. I’m still alive and a little older.

Is that a Bigfoot doing the Hustle? {just justifying the tags, it doesn’t mean anything}

Deep Throat Tricky Dick Get a Plumber to Stop The Leak

I had debated saying something about the Flintstones having a Gay Ol’ Time. Not this time.

Deep Throat in this case has nothing to do with Linda Lovelace, it was a guy. He was sharing Tricky Dicky secrets. I mean Nixon. He’s the guy that started trade with China. I also find it amusing that Cartoon Network has a show where the good guy secret agents are plumbers. Yeah, that was Nixon’s idea too. Send the plumbers in to spy on McGovern. The problem was the coverup. Kind of like with Clinton. If he had just said, “yeah we had sex, go mind your own fucking business, we broke no laws.” They would have had no legal reason to impeach. Eventually they would have found or invented one. That’s how politics are played. Even though I was only 12 during the hearings that was my introduction to political thought. They interrupted my cartoons. It better be damn important. So I watched the hearings. I heard about G Gordon Liddy basically BBQing his hand to prove his loyalty {SNL did a skit}. And not too long after Watergate, you had Wilbur Mills and Fanne Fox{e} making the news. I think she was Argentinian. Maybe Mark Sanford would know. Chevy Chase claims he had injuries from impersonating Pres. Ford. Ford fell down alot {or so it seemed. I do remember seeing a pic of him sprawled on some stairs after he stepped out of a helicopter before it landed.

I guess that’s enough politics for now. I’d do Betty, I’d prefer Wilma, but she’d never leave Fred. Fran Smith wouldn’t be too bad. Peggy Hill {eh, maybe}, Lois Griffin {maybe}, Rocky the Flying Squirrel {hey, the voice is June Foray, a woman, course the character is also a squirrel, maybe Arch would do her.}

Fingers Sticky? Maybe You Should Wash Your Hands After Getting a Sticky Post

I was born long long ago in a galaxy far far away, but I don’t remember that day. I was raised in a convent. The Mother Superior was Nun Yabizness. I called her Nessie or Nessie of the flowing locks, and she was very pleasing in a saurus kind of way. Old habits die hard ya know.

You can’t believe everything you read on the internet. The preceding was a lie. The proceeding might be.

It is better to remain silent and be thought an idiot, than to speak and remove all doubt.

Okay, about me, I’m the youngest of six kids. I started college at 16 and got my BA in physics from the University of Northern Iowa. I figured out that rocket science is hard, so I don’t do that for a living. The picture that shows me with two other people is from a brochure advertising the Physics Dept and is from sometime prior to 1984. The Asian guy was my roommate for about two years, he’s from Malaysia. The other photo shows me receiving a Governor’s Volunteer Award in 1988. I’m from Iowa. I’m versed in ancient computer lingo, id est I learned how to program the old fashioned way. Exempli Gratia, I took a course in Fortran, wrote physics programs in BASIC, read a book on tape in PASCAL, and purchased TurboC++ after I got my first PC. The volunteer award was for the books that I read onto tapes for the Library for the Blind, one of which was a text on PASCAL. Sometimes I miss the old days. The good ol’ days are the ones where you don’t think about the bad, but remember the fun. I can be a smart-ass at times, other times I can be a dumb-ass, according to some I’m an ass of some sort all the time. If I don’t seem rational, remember rational comes from the word ratio which means fractions. Are you good at fractions? If you multiply 1/4 by 2 you get four bits which is fifty cents, and I don’t even like rap. If you multiply 1/5 by 3 you get really plowed unless you have several friends over to help drink them. And yeah, sometimes I plow. If you follow my train of thought you’re either crazy or you’re AB. My posts aren’t always adult oriented, but they often are. And they often involve word play, and puns, and double entendres, I like crosswords, hence the tagline.

Now to see if I can get this sticky, watch out.

That took a while to find. I had to google it. I wouldn’t have guessed in the visibility tab. It was in visible

What? That wasn’t a mistake we planned it that way. Oh, and ALL ABOARD! NEXT STOP CHICAGO!

If you remember the Carol Burnett Show, you know Harvey Korman would always crack up in scenes with Tim Conway.

Well, there are a couple of guys called Greg and Lou that are a lot of fun to watch. Quite often you have no idea where they’re going for the punch line. Obviously if you already know the line it might be tough to say it with an appropriate expression. Then the director makes you do it over and over until you get it right. This means that the directors and producers have lots of stuff to use for blooper clips.

Change in plan. I’ve tried different ways to get it to link to “Thieves – Outtakes” it just refuses to do it. It links to the first episode. I’ll leave it that way and after the vid it’ll have links to the others. The blooper one is good, but I’m kinda biased.

If you haven’t passed out from laughing, then I have another. I had contemplated naming the post, Edible Shit and other things, but I decided not to. Get your recipe books handy, and no it’s not real shit.

Anytime I hear or read “Bat-shit crazy” my mind immediately jumps to that video.
The last video is not Frank Zappa. It is Dweezil Zappa singing the song his dad wrote.

Interestingly when I started blogging at the other place I used the song title as the title for my post. I was new to social networking, at least the way it works now. I didn’t realize the ins and outs of posting things. I used the title I don’t remember if I posted the lyrics. That post was the first time CoffeeNoCream came to my blog. She owns a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Very interesting person, good sense of humor. Humor is very important to me. Another curious point, my wife came in while I was writing that post. She looked over my shoulder and asked, Are you going to Chicago? No dear that’s just the title of a song. Hope you enjoyed it.

Nookie and Nuki reprise

We’ll see how this goes. I like the idea of being able to link to videos. Nookie {my title} a reporter in China reports about a very rare mushroom, the likes of one nobody in the village has ever seen one.

The other one is Nuki Nuki Nuki. For some reason I just find this one hilarious and addictive. And get a load of the Y fronts, all the Gummi animations wear them.