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Karo Scene Seen

It’s a wonder that my grandparents survived long enough to reproduce. They used kerosene for everything

Now we use high fructose corn syrup for everything{AKA Karo syrup, yum}.

Now for the people with a food fetish imagine a scene {in Hippiespeak a Happening} with Karo syrup, different food colorings could be added for a translucent sheen { Charlie with a lucid tranny }, {I don’t know if he would be interested but this is just a flight of fancy anyway}. And Honey, Amber Honey playing with Adam’s caramel apple. Caramelizing is a scene with Karo getting some hot sugar. Oh Fudge! It’s Divinity. The Stones are playing Brown Sugar, but I’m thinking Mole asses with a chorus of it’s a Sin Amen!

I’ve been having my own tranny troubles. My car broke down Monday on the way to work. I ended up walking the last mile and a quarter. I hate thinking about how much that is going to cost. But I am also thinking about getting a cell phone. Yes, I am one of the few with no phone. The car made me walk about 1.5 miles last November. My shingles are almost gone. I took the last of my antivirals today. Hopefully I won’t have to go back to the Dr. But if I need more antivirals maybe they’ll give me more pain meds too.

I bet the whales were glad when kerosene started being used everywhere. Mostly it was a substitute for whale oil.

And one final non-sequitur, a blogger with the handle Keithcancook once shared a story about how corpses can make noise. He described working in a hospital and having to move a deceased patient. The patient farted and scared the shit out of Keith. During decomposition gases are formed and come out wherever. I was watching a documentary last night about the origins of the vampire legends. A lot of it has to do with what happens during decomposition. Interesting but morbid, I shouldn’t dwell.



Ribbed for Xtra Pleasure

As you sneakily munch on the candy your kids brought home, or on your leftover candy {always buy candy you like}, or on the candy purchased on National Discount Candy Day {Nov 1} remember the importance of brushing.

Saw that on Facebook and had to share. I am in the process of healing. The antivirals are reducing the rash {It is not gone yet}, the narcotics make the pain go away {and I seem to sleep an awful lot}, I skip the pain meds if I am driving or at work. Then I just use OTC ibuprofen.

A fellow blogger had a birthday recently, Happy Birthday Monkey! He said that his age would add up to seven. This reminded me of a curious bit of math trivia. If the numbers add up to 3, it is divisible by 3. For example, 7834527 take the individual numbers 7+8+3+4+5+2+7=36=3+6=9, 9 is divisible by 3 so is the original number. In 1997 I took a test for a job application and the math part of it consisted of various shortcuts. If you were big on math trivia it didn’t take any time at all, and it was a timed test. Anything divisible by 5 is going to end in either 5 or 0. Knowing those two bits of trivia would allow you to rule out answers if it needed to be a whole integer or if it couldn’t be a whole integer. The test was allotted 30 min. I took about 10 and triple checked my answers. I was the first one done. I didn’t get that job though, math isn’t everything I guess. I’m not that fond of dividing, but multiplying can be fun.

Just remember to brush!


Also note, a celery stalk is the whole bunch. I had always heard that the individual pieces were leaves. A leaf of celery is what you might fill with peanut butter. In looking up that ad I found out that the individual section is called a rib by some.