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Ouroboros and Chinese Military Underwear

One of my many little pet peeves is when creationists use evolutionary language to describe economics or social structure. Darwin is wrong about natural selection, but that is how capitalism works. That is why certain societies flourish. Capitalism weeds out the inefficient. Capitalism is the equalizer in that if you have a better idea you can compete and win.

I call BS on that. History is far too chaotic. James Burke had a couple of series that showed a “Pinball” approach to history. They were “Connections” and “The Day The Universe Changed”. Random occurrences, luck plays a role. Yes, individual skills and work can be needed to utilize that luck, but luck plays a role. Look up the odds of surviving gastrulation if you doubt me. What constitutes a “Free” market? It doesn’t exist and has never existed except in the cases of niche markets for limited amounts of time. Economics, like the other social sciences is not as straight forward as mathematics, chemistry, or physics. In the latter two certain assumptions are made, but they’re made with an awareness of those assumptions. Physics will use massless strings and frictionless pulleys when teaching concepts. Chemistry uses homogenous solutions and uniform transitions in similar ways. They are useful when you acknowledge the limitations of your models. Any study involving people will involve specific individual reactions that really don’t model well. It gets more individualized when you have LEADERS. And that doesn’t have to be just political leaders. Would our space program look the same if Von Braun never came to the US? Would we have developed the bomb without Oppenheimer? Those people weren’t monolithic geniuses. They had help. They would acknowledge that help. They would probably have been influential in any society. Maybe. The social Darwinist might play up their individual capabilities regardless of the society they were in, proving the superiority of certain individuals. It’s an experiment we can’t do, although Hitler tried. I don’t think life is like a video game where you can restart and try a different strategy. And that is why the what if arguments get so volatile when talking about politics. It’s opinion not a repeatable experiment. Feelings aren’t necessarily logical or rational. Revenge is an ideal example. It’s never an eye for an eye. It’s an eye and a finger for an eye. How would you punish a mass/serial killer? You can only kill them once.
Obviously not a G string, but stringy underwear none the less. Way back when the riots at Tiananmen Square were going on I heard that the military used their belts as flails. I have seen articles where people say that it’s not a good idea. The belt buckle doesn’t really do enough damage to deter an attack. I also heard that the belt buckles they were issued were quite heavy and capable of causing severe injuries. I seem to recall hearing that motorcycle chains worn as belts can be effective flails also.

I remember seeing an Army training film about Russian foot wraps when I was in basic training. I can’t believe they used them that long. They did look interesting.


As a Red Dwarf fan there is of course that reference. The unending circle of life, consuming and being consumed all at once, a Greek version of Yin/Yang or of the Phoenix, it’s all of those. First the bird eats the ants, after the bird dies the ants eat the bird.

Wild lost in the ozone again

Life, A Movement in C Flat

There are lots of ways to look at life. One could consider life to be the intermission between conception and death. The after-life and the before-life merely being separated by the annoying bit in the middle. Eternity first, then the finite part, then eternity again, sounds like a plan. Lots of assumptions in that plan though. Does the spirit or soul exist prior to conception? Is there a before-life? That’s usually the question about the after-life, and it is usually answered by, I’ll find out after I die. Does that same answer work for the before-life? In the comic strip “Non Sequitor” the answer is yes. If a before-life exists, then we have already been there and done that. We just can’t remember it. I have no memory of being born either, but I do have confidence in the people that tell me they remember my being born. My mother was adamant about my having been born. I also suspect that I currently exist. Proof is subjective, just ask Rene Descartes. He thought he existed too.

When an action is completed it can be said to be executed. He executed a U-turn on the highway against traffic. That’s a proper sentence even if the action described is not proper. If you do not complete the action it is not executed. He attempted a U-turn but failed to execute it. I suppose that would be a stay of execution. It is an interesting concept. Stopping an execution is a stay. Well they are going to stay around then right. Yes but will they wear corsets? Those also have stays. Perhaps it would be ironic to ask to be executed in a corset. Then if you received a stay of execution you might continue to exist or you might choke on a whale bone. If you stay in existence, then life would merely be the stay of the act of dying. Stick around, it might get better.

Well what about the after-life then? When’s that? When can a person cease to be alive? We might need to get back to those assumptions. A body can be kept on life support for a long time. If you decide life begins at conception, ie, a single cell with a unique set of DNA, you could also say that it continues as long as that DNA sequence continues to replicate. Henrietta Lacks would still be considered alive. Some would say she died in the 50’s, but not according to her cells. Gary Gilmore might still be alive too. He was shot by a firing squad because he wanted to be an organ donor. That was a while ago, but who knows his blood might still be flowing. The quality of life experienced by one’s cells might not be up to some peoples’ standards, but who judges the quality of life? Consider the beginning again,
Well that’s pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. You know, sea turtles just bury the eggs in the sand and leave. Hardly a good example of matronly care. If a human did that they would be charged with infanticide. And I don’t know of any people that actually had to rely solely on their own abilities without ever receiving any help. I will grant that gastrulation is a persons most impressive act as an individual. After that you need some help.



That is a Brit looking for a new residence.


Monday, Tuesday, WTF

If Saturday and Sunday are the weekend why does the calendar start on Sunday? If God rested on the seventh day shouldn’t most Christian calendars start on Monday?

Do you really forgive those who sin/trespass against you?

Do you really eat bread every day?

What do you want? Why are you here? What really matters?

Do you value your possessions? If your house were on fire and you had a bag of paper currency would you run back in to get it? Would you send your dog back in to get it? Fetch the bag of money boy. Go get it! Is your dog going to run back in and get the bag of money?

Maybe it’s all just part of life. To quote Marvin the Paranoid Android, “Life. Don’t talk to me about life.” Who is more wrong the person who aimlessly meanders through life or the person obsessed by fixations.

1000 years from now who is going to know your name or anything about you. I didn’t put a question mark after that. A Nazi died in Syria a few years ago. He was 98. If he had been arrested when he was 97 should he have been sent to prison? What good what that do. Would that really provide any closure to anybody. I’m skeptical that locking him up would’ve done anybody any good. That said, if he acknowledged what he did. If he cleared up unknowns, would that do any good? Perhaps. Would his victims forgive him? Would God forgive him? That would be for God to decide, not me.

Did Bill Cosby rape anybody? Should he be tried? Should he be sued? There are a lot of things I like about Bill Cosby. This isn’t one of them. When he rants about young people acting in ways that strengthen stereotypes I think he makes a good point. If you don’t like a stereotype don’t encourage people that act that way. Do I think he’s guilty? I also look at the motives of his accusers. Are they attempting to get money from him? Do they want him sent to prison? Do they want to be believed? Do they want him to acknowledge wrongdoing? When he or his representatives say that these accusations are decades old that’s sidestepping the question. Nazi war crimes happened before that and we don’t ignore them. If the statute of limitations runs out, he won’t be facing criminal charges. I don’t think that applies to lawsuits though. And it certainly doesn’t apply to closure. Closure can be a tricky thing. Do you get closure if he dies of old age? Do you have closure if he denies wrongdoing on his deathbed?

IS YOUR CLOSURE DEPENDENT ON HIS ACTIONS? If so, you lose. You have given up control over your own life. Your happiness becomes dependent on others. You are not self actualizing.

Most people aren’t. I suspect most people are probably not happy with life in general.

Is ignorance bliss?

You decide.


Epitaph, Where is the Cursor?

I’m right here. Language evolves, new words are formed, old words take on new meanings. My tagline, Crosswords increase your vocabulary, cross words increase your blood pressure, came to mind earlier. I bought a new computer recently. I went from a desktop to a laptop. It’s different. It takes getting used to. It has an HDMI output. I decided to try it. I have a Hulu plus account and one thing that is a bit irritating is that not everything can stream to my Blu-ray player. I can watch those on my computer though. Well if I use the HDMI from the computer I can just set the computer next to the TV and get a larger screen and a more comfortable roost. Worked really well except that I don’t have a remote for my computer. I did have to move the cursor to the far edge. It struck me that the people who never worked with technology might not know the term cursor. People that use computer technology often curse at it. Cursor, it fits! And crazy people that talk to themselves can just don a Bluetooth ala Dr House and no one thinks they’re crazy. Then my mind goes to the prurient after I see a facebook post about a computer that projects on your arm and turns on and off by sudden moves. Guys would have a terrible time watching internet porn on that. I didn’t find the same video on Youtube, but this looks kinda cool too.

Epitaph can refer to a swear word or the last word{s} on your tombstone. Funny that.