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Crazy Like A Fox

If you like Fox News, sorry ’bout that. I’ll let you pick whether I’m sorry about jabbing Fox or whether I’m sorry that you like Fox. Course it is interesting that although Fox News is very conservative Fox entertainment programming tends to be very liberal. But money is money I’m sure Family Guy American Dad and Simpsons aren’t hurting for sponsors.

Anyway, do the Anchors comprehend what they read or are they a living OCR?

I wonder how many times this clip has been posted?

Greg and Lou and Lou and Greg and other things

Sometimes it isn’t easy to be a comedian. You find yourself repeating the same things over and over.

The actual skit is pretty good too.

Lou was having some problems getting out west recently too. He posts on twitter and he’s on my Facebook list and he was posting about problems with a Virgin. Virgin airlines that is.

I survived July 10, 2013’s Flight 411, @VirginAmerica…That last scene from “Saving Private Ryan” finally makes sense to me. ‪#‎EarnedThis‬

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That’s a copy and paste from Facebook. He was on the tarmac for like 14 hours.

I found those guys by accident. One day I was looking at humor vids on Youtube and I noticed one uploaded from GregandLou. I have a coworker Greg and a coworker Lou. They used to hang around each other quite a bit, and were known for joking around alot. So when I saw the post my first thought was “No Way!” And I was right, no way. It wasn’t my coworkers. But it was an amusing site. I’ve posted links to their stuff before. MILF Solicitors, BBQ Dads, The Attendants, Thieves, and Douchebags on the Beach were all multi-episode skits. They’re hilarious. They don’t post alot of the outtakes though. When they do the outtakes are soooo funny.

BBQ Dads, TP, Wet Dream, I Love Ewe {or maybe Eww}

First Up, Greg and Lou, these guys just kill me.

Cardboard, so hot it’s like blowing a seal.
WHAT? ?!?!?!?
Okay, maybe just a wet dream.

When I first heard that I so wanted to send a copy to Jacques Cousteau. Yeah, it was long enough ago that he was still alive.

Some years back a guy in Iowa was caught with a sheep in a blue nightgown. It made the Bob and Tom show. I found out later the guy was a musician. I doubt that he performed this for an audience.