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Unbridled Bridal Corporatism

For starters, I was wrong. In my own chauvinistic way I was going to link bridle and bridal because I would have guessed that they have the same origin. Not according to the dictionaries I checked.

Are corporations people? I don’t get the warm fuzzies for any of them, but I haven’t started, founded, or given birth to any. Does that make getting fired like a divorce? I want half the assets then. What about mergers and acquisitions?

Is money speech? Yes. Emphatically yes, because money pays for advertising, travel, food, lodging, and anything and everything you need to give speeches. Without money you will have a hard time letting people hear your message. Without money how would you offer an option to an idea you disagree with? A total absence of money is going to severely impact the spread of any idea. What about Godly ideas? Do you donate to missions? Churches?

Revisit corporatism, morph into corporealism. Corporate has it’s origins in the body like corpus. It’s not ethereal. People need to stop sniffing the ether. Then they might notice that there are other people too. I read a book review yesterday that was AWESOME. I have not read the book. If I get a copy it will be very high on my “To read” list. The problem people get into when discussing divisive politics is failing to recognize the elements of humanity and truth in their opponents position.
Obviously the converse of the title would be true as well.

Bridal – More Ale {? sounds reasonable}

Bridle –

That one talks about grooms as well.



To be consistent I should call it OWI, but the president has a designated driver.

I could have included Korea, Vietnam, the war on poverty, the war on drugs etc etc.

WWI is typically dated 1914-1918, and the assassination of Ferdinand. In 1914 Czar Nicholas still ran the Russian Empire. The Russian Revolution is often dated as 1917. So by the end of WWI and in subsequent wars there was no Russian Czar. Until Reagan got into office and made Bill Bennett education Tzar. I think we’ve had lots of Tsars since then. I think Sarah Palin remarked about the number of Tsars Obama has made. I try my best to avoid listening to her. I did see a picture of her in college with a t-shirt that said, “I might not have any money, but I’m not flat busted.” She needs to find that sense of humor again.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Kind of a call to public service don’t you think. I don’t think it was a call for profiteering from public service. “Greed is good” is still a common mantra. The market is self-correcting. Actually that’s market Darwinism, and could be extended indefinitely to say that Communism under Lenin was unsustainable, therefore the USSR collapsed, it just took 70 years. Okay, feudalism also collapsed, it just took hundreds of years. Sounds kind of like every system ever tried has collapsed except for the variants of each currently around.

So what works on the small scale? Do businesses that focus on the bottom line and maximizing profits above all else fare the best? Not if their product sucks {vacuum cleaners exempted}. Producing quality products and services gains customer loyalty. Doubt that? How often do you buy generic over brand name? If the price difference is large yeah you sell more generic. BUT people will pay slightly more for a brand they like. If you’re working your passion you will likely be making the best product you can. Loyalty to quality will get loyalty from customers.

What about your profit margin? You still have to make money to stay in business. Yes you do. But how much is enough? And when you’re making money what do you do with it? Do you reinvest in plant and equipment and increasing efficiency or do you give bonuses to laborers, bonuses to executives, or dividends to stockholders? I think the most common approach is to use the money to buy politicians. The TEA party stands for “Taxed Enough Already”. Catchy slogan. What do you get for your taxes? That’s probably more to the point. And what do you owe society? OWE!! SOCIETY!! That’s socialism! Where did your money come from? Without customers you don’t make money. WHO are your customers? Society consists of customers. Once you have enough shouldn’t you give back the extra? Extra is a values judgment. Yes, it is. But then after I made enough I would be working for free. Is that so awful? It’s called volunteerism, and most people think volunteerism is a good thing. The difference between a job and a career is would you quit if you won the lottery. Yes, you have a job. No, you have a career. Unless you would plant yourself in front of a tv and veg until you literally rotted most people would want something to do. And money isn’t everything. The love of money is the root of all evil.

Wild on a rant

World War One, World War Two, Bush One’s War, Bush Two’s War, Obama’s War One or Operating While Intoxicated is painful.

Are You Fat?

Post apocalyptic pick up line from the movie “Dead Within”. They were talking over a radio. Her reply was {approx.} “Are you kidding? I haven’t had an actual meal in six months.” I’ve been watching more movies of late. Some good some bad, I prefer the bad if they’re bad enough. It’s October now. Halloween flicks should be starting. You do hear some entertaining lines once in a while. In “Autopsy” the crash victim with the large chunk of glass sticking out his side is being wheeled down the hall by a doc in scrubs. He says, “Doc, am I going to be okay?” The doc replies, “No”. No antagonism, no real emotion conveyed at all, just total indifference.

Love is an emotional investment. Hate is an emotional investment. Indifference is an emotional hedge fund trading on inside information. Beware the sociopath selling short and buying long. Find out if your portfolio is load or no load before the pages get stuck together. And remember, pages are like interns, YOUNG.

Money is a very dirty business.