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Soapbox Time, Let’s See How Many People I can Piss Off

I see a lot of stuff written about people who could work but won’t.

I read stuff about wanting to do drug testing for welfare recipients.

I see posts touting no benefits for illegals.

I hear moral outrage.

Who would defend the immoral?


You know that costs money don’t you?

To those who could work but won’t, is your job being a burglar? Are you chemist making meth but you don’t make tons of it because you’re too lazy? I doubt that El Chappo is lazy. If he comes in illegally to the US and we incarcerate him, he will be receiving the benefits of prison lodging food and health care. AND WE WILL BE PAYING FOR IT. Not to mention that the tougher on crime we try to be will mean paying for additional prisons, guards, and their associated expenses. Ambitious criminals can only be contained by ambitious law enforcement.

Welfare shouldn’t allow people to use money for drugs and get food with stamps. Sounds reasonable, but drug testing costs money. You had better hope you take enough people off welfare to pay for the testing, otherwise you’re just providing free drug testing. But it isn’t free. It will be paid for also.

Would you say I’m defending the immoral by not wanting to pay for tough tactics? In the olden times when people weren’t coddling criminals they didn’t get buried with those expenses.

No, they didn’t. Those most common punishment was being run out of town and in earlier times, banishment. Those are very cheap inexpensive ways of dealing with troublemakers. Where would you want them sent. BTW, Australia got it’s start that way, but I don’t think they will take more now.

Living in a society is not cheap. Writing was invented to record taxes.

Tolerating immorality is cheaper than forcing compliance.

Just had to say that.

Endangered? Establishment RINOS are as Endangered as Jumbo Shrimp

In “On Liberty” John Stuart Mill wrote that when differing ideas are discussed both sides should be defended by true believers.

The argument being that a person defending a position that they don’t agree with won’t defend that position well. Certainly sounds reasonable to me. Reasonableness has very little to do with today’s politics. But some have found a way to claim that they are following that advice while still ensuring that the correct view seems the most logical. You get an intelligent articulate genius to defend the side you agree with and an inarticulate raging moron to defend the incorrect view. People that start from different places reach different conclusions.

Philosophy, intellectualism, they tend to be viewed negatively. Being called an egghead isn’t necessarily an insult, but the “Average Joe” views eggheads as out of touch with the real world. No, Average Joe doesn’t realize that he too is an egghead in that everybody has a philosophy. Philosophy is how you look at the world. For example, if you find yourself on Gilligan’s Island do you: try to build a raft or light signal fires? Or do you try to make life on the island as comfortable as you can? THOSE ARE OPPOSING PHILOSOPHIES!

Colonize or seek rescue are different goals. Is one evil and they other good? Can you be friends across that chasm? Either or both of those strategies could fail. Failure is an option. But do you TRY to make the “Wrong” strategy fail? The polarization of politics is making the other side fail. Everybody wants to have a good life. What a good life is and how to attain it are debatable.

I am a liberal Democrat. RINO means Republican In Name Only. Establishment Republican means a Republican that is more in agreement established traditional Republican views as opposed to conservative views. I think. Which is exactly why JSM said you need true believers to defend a view. The Republican Party Platform prior to 1960 is pretty much opposite of the views of conservatives. I would consider the older views as “Real” Republicans and the newer views as RINO. The supporters of the newer positions should rename their party as the “Conservative” party or the “TEA” party and leave the establishment Republicans to claim the name. In my opinion establishment RINO is an oxymoron just like Jumbo Shrimp. Since I have no stake, it’s just an opinion.


Pet Peeve, Pernicious Political Posts Pertaining to Pecuniary Policies

And so it begins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGWaP7Q5vCI

Kills Bugs
That is how one of my high school English teachers described haiku. I learned a lot from him.

There is Neanderthal DNA in modern humans. There must’ve been some interbreeding. Was it consensual? I have some doubts about how attractive the two groups would have found one another. Even in the absence of alcohol extreme horniness will make people less choosey. There is no accounting for taste either. But the interbreeding could certainly have been the result of a raid. It really bothers people when you raid their settlement. I’m confident they would want to kill what bugs them.

Neanderthals are all dead.

That song was never intended to be released. It was a studio piece to set recording levels. It’s about as basic as a song can get. But it was popular.

I don’t know if Neanderthals paid taxes. The oldest writings were basically tax records.

It’s too late to amend them.

Did they get their money’s worth?


As soon as money was invented so was the concept of scamming. You can hoard money. You can hoard non-perishable items. You can hoard perishables for a while. As soon as you do, someone will try to take them.

Somethings just don’t change. And therein lies philosophy, and concepts of government, ownership, theft, punishment, deterrence, justice, and retribution. And there is the battle between emotions, logic, and your objective. A lot of people really don’t like devoting much time to analyzing their feelings. The gut can be quite convincing even when it is wrong. If you own a store and you lose $100 a week to shoplifters it doesn’t make sense to spend $100 a day for security. The gut burns with anger at the situation. That’s understandable. Understanding doesn’t alter the rules of mathematics. A person can’t control everything that happens to them. They can try to control how they react to it. The only reason you need a key for your car is because someone might steal it if you didn’t. Someone pulls up to a convenience store and leaves the car running because they’re only going to be there a minute. Someone else steals their car. Do you blame them for leaving it running or do you blame the thief for taking it?

You catch the thief. What is your goal? Do you try to make them feel bad for what they did? Do you try to make them unable to do it again? Do you make them pay {monetarily} for the inconvenience and damage they did? Manipulating the emotions of the thief, making them regret their actions, is a task that depends more on them than on what you do. Forcing an emotional state is not easy. You can inflect pain and suffering commensurate to the damage they did, but that might only trigger feelings of being a victim on their part. They blame the one punishing them. They don’t blame themselves for their circumstance. It’s much more productive to set a goal based on your own actions, not on the emotional state of others.

How much do you care what they think? You do care. That is part of the social contract. It’s not necessary that they like you. It is necessary for them to follow the rules whether it’s because they don’t want to hurt others or because they are afraid of the punishment. Actions occur because of thoughts. You are concerned about their actions therefore you are concerned about their thoughts.

How easy is it to get mad at those that don’t seem to live by the rules. Do you want to punish the welfare cheats that use their benefits to get drugs? Do the healthy people parking in fire lanes or handicap spaces irritate you? Do you dislike the idea of prisoners getting free food and medical not too mention cable TV? On the other side of the spectrum, does it bother you how much CEOs make? Does it piss you off when you hear about off shore banking to avoid taxes? Do you feel like there’s a world wide group of multinational corporations that are basically a one world government?

How many human ills lead back to envy and greed{especially if that greed includes protecting ones possessions}? When you die, how much of it do you take with you? At what point do you admit your own mistakes? Would you consider spending $100 a day to prevent $100 a week in thefts a mistake? If you lose a buck in a vending machine are you justified in taking all the ketchup packets to make up for it? I would call that tit for tat. Actually I just like thinking about tits with tattoos. I might be in my 50’s but I can still be juvenile.



To be consistent I should call it OWI, but the president has a designated driver.

I could have included Korea, Vietnam, the war on poverty, the war on drugs etc etc.

WWI is typically dated 1914-1918, and the assassination of Ferdinand. In 1914 Czar Nicholas still ran the Russian Empire. The Russian Revolution is often dated as 1917. So by the end of WWI and in subsequent wars there was no Russian Czar. Until Reagan got into office and made Bill Bennett education Tzar. I think we’ve had lots of Tsars since then. I think Sarah Palin remarked about the number of Tsars Obama has made. I try my best to avoid listening to her. I did see a picture of her in college with a t-shirt that said, “I might not have any money, but I’m not flat busted.” She needs to find that sense of humor again.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Kind of a call to public service don’t you think. I don’t think it was a call for profiteering from public service. “Greed is good” is still a common mantra. The market is self-correcting. Actually that’s market Darwinism, and could be extended indefinitely to say that Communism under Lenin was unsustainable, therefore the USSR collapsed, it just took 70 years. Okay, feudalism also collapsed, it just took hundreds of years. Sounds kind of like every system ever tried has collapsed except for the variants of each currently around.

So what works on the small scale? Do businesses that focus on the bottom line and maximizing profits above all else fare the best? Not if their product sucks {vacuum cleaners exempted}. Producing quality products and services gains customer loyalty. Doubt that? How often do you buy generic over brand name? If the price difference is large yeah you sell more generic. BUT people will pay slightly more for a brand they like. If you’re working your passion you will likely be making the best product you can. Loyalty to quality will get loyalty from customers.

What about your profit margin? You still have to make money to stay in business. Yes you do. But how much is enough? And when you’re making money what do you do with it? Do you reinvest in plant and equipment and increasing efficiency or do you give bonuses to laborers, bonuses to executives, or dividends to stockholders? I think the most common approach is to use the money to buy politicians. The TEA party stands for “Taxed Enough Already”. Catchy slogan. What do you get for your taxes? That’s probably more to the point. And what do you owe society? OWE!! SOCIETY!! That’s socialism! Where did your money come from? Without customers you don’t make money. WHO are your customers? Society consists of customers. Once you have enough shouldn’t you give back the extra? Extra is a values judgment. Yes, it is. But then after I made enough I would be working for free. Is that so awful? It’s called volunteerism, and most people think volunteerism is a good thing. The difference between a job and a career is would you quit if you won the lottery. Yes, you have a job. No, you have a career. Unless you would plant yourself in front of a tv and veg until you literally rotted most people would want something to do. And money isn’t everything. The love of money is the root of all evil.

Wild on a rant

World War One, World War Two, Bush One’s War, Bush Two’s War, Obama’s War One or Operating While Intoxicated is painful.

WWI Vets with the Michelin man find Spag Sauce

And in other news, Kelly Hildebrandt is divorcing Kelly Hildebrandt. I kinda thought that was a match made in the internet.


I gained a lot of weight after my mom died in 2010. Over the years the drivers side of my car started sitting a little lower than the passenger side. I don’t often have passengers especially since Ma died. Saturday it was sitting lower than usual. I had a flat tire. There’s enough age on them I had thought about getting new tires in the summer. Guess that changed. I’ve got my own spare tire, around my waist, but it doesn’t have any tread and it can’t hold air {or wind} for too awfully long. A coworker has a cartoon on her locker that shows the Michelin Man looking in a mirror saying “Drat, another spare tire.” That triggers thoughts of the Pillsbury Doughboy. So of course I’m going to make the jump to WWI vets in a pillbox.

Spaghetti sauce can be used to make all kinds of dishes. They usually call it marinara though. And I’ll never forget how I typed in Prego to find recipes several years ago. Who knew? But it was interesting.

Tonight when I get home from work I’ll have to go to the other place and see if I can get this other guy and 3 women with a sense of humor to play Deuces, Wild, five-card stud poke-her. It doesn’t really matter what his post is, he rarely answers me, but he is hilarious.

In the meantime I’ve got some paperwork and a seance to do. Ma got a nasty-gram telling her she has jury duty.


It alphabetizes the tags, I think I’ll have a tag called And

There Oughta Be A Law Against ….

It should be noted that they don’t make laws against things that nobody does. Similarly they don’t put warning labels on things when nobody has ever done that.

So when you see a warning label, especially one that warns about laws, you have to ask yourself, who was the moron that did that?

And why would anybody rip the tags off mattresses?

When England passed laws against homosexuality during Queen Victoria’s reign, they didn’t make it illegal to be a lesbian. Queenie didn’t believe any women would ever willingly do that. So there was no need for a law.

The Taxed Enough Already party at times seems to border on anarchy. They seem to think that whatever government touches it ruins. Governments are made of people. They aren’t going to be any better than people. Oh, and BTW people make mistakes. On Forever Knight vampires made mistakes too. Nick was forever killing the wrong person for the wrong reason. I’ve only seen a handful of episodes of Dexter. It sounds like he usually gets the right person. When the Tea party people first started appearing on the news, they seemed blissfully unaware as to what “Teabagging” is/was. My sister was one of those people. “You know what teabagging is, don’t you?” “What, has it got some special meaning since conservatives started using it?” “Well, the term was in use at colleges way back in the early 80’s when I was still a student.” “Course we didn’t have cell phone cameras or the internet. It was usually Poloroids on a bulletin board.” One more reason not to drink too much.

The only time I saw Rachel Maddow blush was the first time she did a story about teabaggers. I did see Ted Koppel blush during a Nightline episode about AIDS. They were talking about condom use during oral sex and a caller didn’t seem to think that would help much in his situation {he liked going down on his female partner}. Ted turned very red and went to commercial.

Marriage versus Civil Unions.
The fire at the Triangle shirt factory in 1911 killed a lot of people. The recent fire has some similarities. Unions exist for a reason. Laws exist for a reason. Without unions I doubt there would be an OSHA, or much labor law. I don’t think the middle class would be very big either. If you own a company that makes consumer items {clothing, shoes, kitchen stuff, lawnmowers, yard stuff} your employees should be able to afford your product. No that rule doesn’t apply to yachts, planes, or diagnostic medical equipment, but it should apply to shoes and a toaster. The song 16 Tons {sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford} was about a time when one’s commitment to one’s employer was more durable than marriage. “I owe my soul to the company store.” When divorce is so rare, I wonder how many people think about the phrase “Til death do us part.” If they really want to save social security why don’t they have automakers go back to drum brakes, get rid of the airbags and seatbelts, and have free cigarettes and booze, and school lunches are sugar deep fried in butter. No one would live long enough to burden the system.

If anybody is offended, yea! I did my part!