A Text Message from AD 1509

You think I’m joking?!?!

Would *I* joke about something like that?

Well of course I would. That’s not the point.

It’s actually the shaft, not the point. The point leads, the shaft follows.

Do you want to get the shaft?

Maybe I can help. I’ll tell you a story.

In English.
Once upon a time I blogged on a site that had both free and paid memberships. As the site got more popular they wanted to be paid for more and more stuff. I didn’t want to pay for it. I told them a story on my blog. Some gold members tried to e-mail me. I still did not want to pay for it. The site wouldn’t let me see what those members wrote.

They told me I had messages. They just blurred them out. Then I had an idea. I remembered a trick I had used on their blogs. {please bear with me at this point. I was too lazy to figure out how exactly to do this on this platform}. If you select a font color that is very similar to the background color the text is almost, or if they are the same- impossible to read. BUT, and that is a *very* big butt, it is easily readable if you highlight the text for copy/cut. Laziness precludes my showing you that.

I tried that with the blurred out e-mails from gold members. AHA! Clear text! Well sort of. It’s in a different language. It looks like Latin. I can’t translate Latin. Let’s see if the internet can!


Well, sort of no.

It had nothing to do with the original message. It was NOT a Latin translation of that e-mail.

It was the Lorem Ipsom.

A sex/dating/meat market site used an ethics post from 1509AD to blank out text.

Wild with a sticky post for messages

8 thoughts on “A Text Message from AD 1509

      1. Mrs Fever

        Deuce! He was kinda nuts. In the best possible way. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I think Fur still follows my blog, but it’s been a long time since I’ve heard from him.

        I still talk to Archer (remember him?) near-daily. And I stay in touch with Bang. There’s also my friend Ganien, who has been really quiet for the past few months but who corresponded with me regularly for years.

        It’s rather odd… I spent such a short time there, but a few of you have become the most lasting of friends.

        I’m glad you moved your blog to WordPress so I can still read you. If you run across any of the others on ‘that site’, please send my hellos.


  1. wildoats1962 Post author

    I remember Archer and Bang. They are both on my watch list there but I haven’t visited either in a long time. My watch list is all yellow except for the people no longer blogging there. Fur I feel a connection to, Deuce amuses me. If I think about the age difference Deuce makes me feel old. A much older person could make the same observations and I would feel complete agreement. But Deuce is a LOT younger. That’s a shame. I would like to discuss pasta with him.



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