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My Headlights Are Fresh and Minty

Okay not really, it’s been over a week since I used the toothpaste.

And no, I didn’t use a brush. I put the toothpaste on a rag.

Actually it was an old sock. I use old socks as rags.

I am still talking about my headlights though.

It was one of those life hacks posted on facebook. You can use toothpaste to polish the crud off headlights. Here in Iowa the roadsalt and winter crud get on the headlights and it doesn’t wipe off with windshield washer. The toothpaste works great. Some of the tips I’ve known for ages, some I’ve never heard of, a few actually work, REALLY!

Furball mentioned the tip of using coffee filters to clean the windshield. It also works well on eyeglasses.

I had to replace some of those flat batteries recently.

I’m allergic to Sudaphed.

It’s not a good idea to buy watch batteries, pseudepherine, and coffee filters at the same time especially if that is all you’re getting. Maybe you have to get starting ether too. Maybe duct tape, condoms, and alcohol would be less suspicious.

Anyway I’m still here, even if I’m not posting as much.


Ed Gruberman, Approach That You May Learn

I have an acquaintance that used to teach martial arts. He’s a big guy. He really isn’t like the instructor on this clip. Tranquil and serene do not describe him. He has a fierce temper. It’s getting better, but he’s getting older. Several years ago a horse stepped on him and broke his pelvis. That’s when he stopped teaching.

I wonder how many Ed Grubermans there are out there. People that feel the need to be able to inflict serious hurt on others either with or without weapons. The History Channel had a series called Wild West Tech. It was mentioned on various episodes that gunfights often were asshole against asshole. Pleasant happy go lucky people were usually able to avoid those fights. And then there’s the BTK killer from Wichita. He killed quite a few people, but stopped killing after he became a code enforcement officer. My theory on that is that when he was able to be a real prick as part of his work, he no longer felt the urge to kill. Some documentaries say that serial killers tend to feel like they have no control over things that happen in their life. To get control they kill people.

I’ve also been watching Dexter on Netflix. Dex doesn’t fit that pattern but his victims sure do. And he’s a likeable serial killer. Barnabas Collins and Nick Knight were likeable vampires too.

Control issues, quote Alexander Haig, “I’m in charge.”

Just ramblin wild

Don’t even think about calling in sick

Don’t call in sick call in dead. Some employers are religious. They want you back to work in three days just like Jesus. They want a second coming but get zombie apocalypse.

I haven’t called in sick in over 6 months. Some of my coworkers are a little less regular though.

Second coming, generally the realm of females, but there are always exceptions. Regularity, the stuff of commercials. Are there really regular people? Are they named Norm? Is there an insight to inciting people. Is there a DES for putting people in a crypt? {DES=Digital Encryption Standard}

Do you really want to know what other people think? There was an episode of Gilligan’s Island about that. In Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Arthur asks Marvin if he can read his mind. Marvin says yes, Arthur says, “And”, Marvin says, “It amazes me how you live in something so small.”

Pair a noia, when one noia doesn’t trust the other one.

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