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Did Pavlov’s Dog Drool Get Schrodinger’s Pussycat Wet?

Quite some time ago Alton Brown did a program on casseroles. He made the comment to use round pans because if you use a square pan the corners will dry out. Then he added, “Unless you like dry corners.” That when generalized is THE MOST important thing about learning to cook new things in new ways. If you like it it isn’t wrong. One of those really minor annoyances on cooking shows is coleslaw. It seems like every TV cook wants dry coleslaw. Salt it and let it drain so you won’t get that liquid at the bottom. I LIKE THAT LIQUID, AND I DON’T WANT TO GET RID OF IT. Yesterday I happened to hear a few minutes of infomercial about a pressure cooking system. I like pressure cooked food. I’ve been using my pressure cookers for over 25 years. I watched my mom can vegetables in pressure canners in the 60’s and 70’s. It is easy to overcook in a pressure cooker. Texture is something that does require some finesse. A blowtorch from the hardware store will work much better than the ones from the average kitchen store. The broiler is useful for larger amounts. Also a broiler doesn’t get the remarks that a torch does. One thing they made during the infomercial was BBQ ribs. I am not a purist. They would have lost the purists I know as soon as they started talking about how they fell off the bone. BBQ lovers would call that mush. BBQ lovers also say it has to be smoked. Smoking needs to be outside or vented outside. Turkey fryers should be outside also. I will confess that I have had only one fried turkey. A houseguest from Georgia fixed one for my mom and I and her family. I was polite, but I really didn’t like it very well. I haven’t used it to fry anything else. I have used it with my water bath canners to make pickles. Cooking outside with it does keep the kitchen from getting too hot. A couple of Mythbuster episodes come to mind. Exploding water heater and 30 foot fireball from deep frying. In the case of the water heater, it made me think about my pressure cooker. That was before the Boston Marathon bombing, and up until that episode I had never really thought much about just how bad a pressure cooker could be. The fryer fireball was caused by dropping a can of broth into a burning pan of oil. Not likely, but certainly not totally inconceivable either.

Now, how does that relate to classical conditioning and quantum mechanics? Well I’m not totally sure. That’s the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. But I can self-actualize even with the uncertainty and that’s Mazlo. But Pavlov’s experiments were more like behaviorism and John Watson. Watson’s emphasis on conditioning being far more important than inherited instinct might lead you to believe that nurture over nature would make him a loving father/grandfather, you’d be wrong. Mariette Hartley is his maternal granddaughter, and she disagrees with his views about affection. To prod your memory, she used to make poloroid commercials and she was in Star Trek TOS. After the censors wouldn’t allow her to show her navel, Gene Roddenberry later had her show two navels.


Rocket Science? No, Cantilevered Beam, But it is Hard

Things are not always what they seem. This is particularly true of cantilevered beams.

A few years ago I saw a documentary titled cleavage on A&E. Later in the same year I saw that documentary on two other channels. This was rather disturbing.

Mind you, I like looking at cleavage. What was difficult to understand is how they could take a subject I like so well and make it boring. It was like 2 hrs of agony. Yes I watched all three times, and it was just as boring each time.

Yeah it did have some good moments. It was not hard to tell that it was made from a female point of view and was largely “Girl Talk.” They did show some cleavage, but I suspect that if a man or a lesbian had made the film it would’ve had MORE cleavage. Size was one of the topics, and both men and women notice large breasts and look even if it is surreptitiously.

Personally, I like pretty much all breasts. Who they’re attached to is of greater importance. The brain is the most important sex organ. I don’t know how some people manage to get by with it non-functioning. And that brings me back to the difficult subject of rocket science. In the title I said it was hard. I didn’t say it was difficult. It is. Also difficult is

Dr D has had radio programs devoted to the subject. Here’s a cute song.


A Rose By Any Other Name Would Be A Petite Bertha

About a year ago I wrote a post titled A Rose By Any Other Name. I had forgotten about that. This one’s different.

I have never met anyone named Bertha. Names tend to fluctuate in popularity, and some names stay relatively common. Biblical names stay popular, at least some of them. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are all common in English speaking countries, although I don’t hear them used for Middle Easterners often. In the Army I met Justin Case, Officer Candidate James T. Kirk, and others. Since this was the Army I’m guessing Jim never made it past Captain.

That was the Army. There have been artillery guns named Bertha, Big Bertha. Maybe that’s part of why the name isn’t common. I have known a few women named Beatrice. All but one went by Bea. There was one Trixie though. I dated her Aunt, and the aunt’s name was NOT Bea. I don’t recall knowing any Gertrudes. Trudy would not be a bad name. I can picture an attractive Trudy. My mom named all of her cars Gertie. That’s not really the prettiest name, but it does have some possibilities. Dirty Gertie might be fun loving.

I am a Frank Zappa fan. Moon Unit and Dweezil would not be my first choices for kid’s names. I remember looking in music stores for Zappa stuff. They used to engrave it on these vinyl disks, or on plastic ribbons with magnetic materials. One day I noticed a placard that said “Bobby Brown.” I looked at the placard and thought, “Why would they have a whole category for one song?” I went over and started flipping through CDs. Then it hit me. THE ARTIST WAS CALLED BOBBY BROWN! That immediately made me smile. I also wondered if anyone had sent him Frank’s song titled Bobby Brown.

Titles sometimes pop into my head, then I try to think of posts to go with them. Not true this time. I was going to title this one, “Inter-racial Lolita Lesbian Sex Between Midgets and Amazons.” The rest of the post would have been the same, but would have ended with me quoting my old blog from the other place. I wrote the following at 3AM 5-9-2006. ” I saw something unusual today. There were a pair of pigeons mating in the rafters. There was a small bird perched a few feet away watching them. It was clearly a different species. There it stood enjoying the view as the pigeons flapped and made noise and generally enjoyed themselves. As the pigeons reached a crescendo, the small bird flew to their nest took some nesting material and flew away. The pigeons settled down for a rest. It didn’t last long, soon they were at it again. Once again their audience showed up. The little bird watched till things reached a frenzy, then took some more nesting material. This scene repeated itself a total of four times.

I guess it shows that you should be careful who you let watch.”

I titled it, The Voyeur Bird. I suppose I could have called it Inter-species Lesbian etc.

I Left My Heart in San Francisco, My Left Arm in Ellwood

I doubt that Stonewall Jackson ever went to San Francisco, so his heart wouldn’t be there. His left arm is in Virginia though.

I’m kind of ambivalent about what happens to my body after death. I do want them to make sure I’m dead before they do anything to it though. When my father-in-law died he was cremated and the cremation casket was not cheap. At the time it kind of bugged me to know it just got burned up. Although on reflection burial is about as bad. It’s not like someone is going to dig up the grave because the casket is nice. There’s a few problems with donating ones body to science. Do you really want a bunch of college kids examining you closely when you’re naked and with a bad BO problem? I think there are a couple of places where they just throw you out in the woods so they can study the decay process. That’s helpful in investigating murders and accidents. After the FIL died my wife and I talked with one of the funeral directors about pre-planning. She wants to be buried. I said I could be cremated and my ashes buried in the same grave. “That way I could spend eternity on top of you.” Yes I said that. The female funeral director laughed. My wife was startled and laughed politely. Somehow I don’t think she liked the idea. She does get creeped out by death.

And Yes Stonewall Jackson’s arm is not buried with the rest of him. He actually has three graves. A friend of mine lost a leg to a train. In the hospital they asked him what he would like done with it. He was like, “What? I don’t know! It’s not attached it’s not a part of me anymore. What are my options?” He ended up donating it. He also threw away that shoe. He didn’t realize that he would need that shoe after he he got the artificial leg. He did walk around the yard barefoot quite often. At one point they had to replace the foot because it had gotten damaged that way. They unbolted the old foot, and bolted the new one on. I got to see it right after that. It had toes molded into it. BUT IT WAS GREEN. It looked really odd then.


Miss Odd Genus Met Phil, It Was He Done Ism

One should not become romantically entangled outside of one’s genus, nothing good begat that way.

The following was posted on my Facebook page. The person who thought of this should be rich.

Prurient or banal, life is more fun than death. Actually that is an assumption since I can’t recall ever being dead.

Another post could have been My Dinner with Miss Andre. That would have had some peculiar word play. Miss Andre for misandry, hating men yet having a male name, also a takeoff on “My Dinner With Andre”. That probably appeals more to the art crowd, but could be a sophis-ticated Peter Pan. Also for the artier crowd,
I taped this and watched it with my mom. She didn’t like it. She thought Mrs Cage was crazy. I was closer to my dad, but I doubt that he would’ve liked it either. He died in 90. I see her {Mrs Cage’s} point. I guess I’m crazy too.

But I don’t hate women like a misogynist. I’m not a phylogenist for the reason I stated first. I am more of a philogynist.

I think I got that right.


Have to ask Andre


Reaching For Polyamorous Socks

Anybody who has done laundry is, or at least should be, aware that socks don’t mate for life. Whether it comes out in the wash or not, often one sock ends up hung out to dry.

What can be done about it?

One can have an orgy of foot coverings. I wear mostly gym socks. I buy several identical pairs at a time. It doesn’t matter how they mate then. In fact, they are neither left nor right so they can go either way. That’s convenient, and I would say rather Liberal of them. Since they can also go right that really doesn’t convey a political stance. They aren’t in the closet. But they can get in a snazzy dresser. The crew could have a tube in the drawers. I’m sure some would like to hose the fishnets.

You think this is reaching? I bought a couple of reachers at the hardware store recently. The tips didn’t quite touch. You know, erasers are for people who make mistakes. THIS is how I reach.

Those are eraser caps on the ends.


It hurts.




A variety of thoughts impinge on my consciousness. Why hurt people. What possible joy can there be in making someone miserable. What is the appropriate reaction to witnessing someone taking pleasure in someone’s misery.

I don’t know if these are really questions or are they rhetorical? I was watching a documentary on the Holocaust. The Russian Army wasn’t warned about what they would find in the camps. They saw the survivors. The documentary showed the stern faces of Russian soldiers looking at the piles of belongings including children’s clothing. And those soldiers were resolute about punishing the Nazis.

I would agree that the Nazis deserved the same treatment they gave the Jews. I just wouldn’t be very good at doing it. I’ve seen news stories about people raping and killing kids. I’ve heard other people talk about what those people deserve. I would be terrible at torturing someone, even if I thought they deserved it. My sense of compassion would kick in and I’d put a bullet in their head. I can understand that. Intentionally inflicting pain and suffering is totally different. I don’t understand that. I just don’t “Get” it. I am reminded of Dennis Rader, the BTK killer. He was killing people in Wichita quite a number of years ago. He stopped for several years too. He stopped killing when he became a code enforcement officer. As a petty bureaucrat he could be a real asshole to people, and they basically had to take it. When I observe some petty bureaucrat acting like a little Hitler, that is exactly what I wonder. Would that person be a serial killer if they didn’t have that job?

If so, I hope they cross paths with someone equally cruel.

And Dexter was far kinder than a lot of real life serial killers. One swift stab to the heart is far more kind than the death of a thousand cuts. Incidentally, a documentary I saw about that said that they gave the victims drugs to heighten their senses so they could feel the cuts that much more intensely.

Even if someone deserves it, I really don’t want to watch.