Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Kozo Purple Sumo Diet

Kozo the purple hippo needs an energy snack after all the dancing.

This used to be a common sight at work. The new vending machines have motion sensors to detect when an item falls. If it doesn’t fall, it advances until something does fall. Now I didn’t think Sumo panties had pockets, so just where was that money stored?

Do You Believe Me? I’m Lying

“He always lies.”
“I’m lying”

Star Trek TOS, I’ve been hearing more about employers checking peoples accounts on social media {especially people applying for work}. I’ve heard that their justification is that you have no expectation of privacy if you post publicly. Perhaps, but do you snoopers believe everything you read on the internet? You have no expectation of honesty. Providing false information on a job application is grounds for dismissal, lying on the internet is not grounds for anything other than “Unfriending”. Libel and slander don’t really apply to statements you make about yourself.

The Twilight Zone episode “Hocus Pocus and Frisbee” could serve as an example.

I tried to find the Barney Miller clip where Dietrich takes the lie detector test and says he was born a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. The IA agent starts to believe him.

I bought some raman noodles tonight. They had some flavors that I like on sale. I bought a dozen packages and I noticed that the clerk may have been a Pythagorean. Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher, mathematician, musician, and clever oddball. Right triangles were of special interest to his followers. An easy common formula for making right triangles was the 3, 4, 5 triangle. One leg is three whatevers, the other leg is four of the same whatevers, and the hypotenuse will be five whatevers. That is how she divided my packages, 3 in one sack, 4 in the next, and 5 in the last one.

That has nothing to do with the rest of the post unless you think in terms of tenuous links. Pythagoreans would lie about dodecahedrons to nonbelievers.

Greg and Lou Outtakes

I’ve posted about these guys before, they’re hilarious. But there are times when they lose it too.

I used to read books on cassettes for the library for the blind. I read some math textbooks and at one point I had re-record a part many many times, because I can’t imagine anyone listening to trig tables to solve a problem. I had to include it because of their copyright. I had a hard time not giggling at the absurdity of reading a table. Not exactly the same, but toxins reminds me of that.