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Nose Diaper or Nose Tampon

Who knows the nose? Many years ago I met a physics professor. He was a very interesting and entertaining fellow. He was professor emeritus when I started college in 1978. When starting the subject of thermodynamics he would say, “Cold is faster than hot. Anybody can catch a cold, but nobody catches a hot.” Yesterday was miserable. My nose was a constant drip drip drip of clear watery liquid. I was constantly reaching for a tissue. Blowing did no good. I debated alternatives. For a bloody nose I have used a piece of tissue twisted up to make a “Nose Tampon” I didn’t really want to do that for a runny nose. In the movie “Strange Brew” they use bullets for the nose tampons. That wouldn’t fly at work. Hm, what would make a good nose maxipad or nose diaper?

Today I feel better, at least so far. TGID. Thank God It’s Dyphenhydramine. I’m allergic to Sudafed. I’ll be tired but dry.

I’m getting used to the keyboard on my laptop now. Still not quite there with the touchpad. I reach for the mouse all the time. I might end up plugging a mouse in when I play games. That’s when the touchpad is the most inconvenient. Also I have a tendency to migrate off the touchpad area, then I’m tapping the space below the keyboard not on the touchpad. I’m usually getting frustrated by the system not responding when I notice that.

Prosthetic Bugs Were Used

Can you guess the context?

BTW, context does not refer to felonious writings.

I have been expounding my political views here lately. I could go in various directions from that starting point. I could talk about NSA spying. I could talk about the billion dollar divorce. I could talk about Dorothy Zborknak.

I will talk about those, but briefly and without insect references. The billion dollar divorce is real. Dorothy Zborknak is NOT real, but at least one news site and a bunch of facebook users don’t realize that.–finance.html

The question of how much of that money was directly earned by him and how much should be considered “Marital assets”. Good question. And when you answer that you could ask how much of that was due to the labor of employees and contractors. Maybe they should get a settlement. If the wealth exists as corporate stock I don’t have a problem with a corporate founder counting his company as his asset. I think companies should invest their profits into improvements for their company. I don’t think they should spend large quantities to buy politicians. I don’t think managers should come in, gut the assets and get a golden parachute. I also believe in tariffs to protect companies that stay here. I think that applies to companies that provide our economic, political, and military defenses. Multinational corporations do not have our back. Okay, I’ll shut up about that.

Really? Do conservatives hate the “Golden Girls”? Actually I really don’t like the preponderance of satire sites. Sometimes people say really stupid things and it is difficult to tell if it’s real. In 1984 Mark Russell made a joke about urban renewal. I thought it was a joke. I thought it was an outlandish ridiculous notion. A couple of years later I found out it was real. We need Satyr sites instead of so many satire sites.

The title has absolutely nothing to do with either subject and nothing to do with politics. The “No animals were harmed in the making of this movie” policy includes bugs for some. I watched “Night of the Demons 2”, and it included that quote at the end of the credits. The movie’s best quality is that it has an abundance of attractive young people showing off their bodies.


You Didn’t Build That

The real question would be, “Why didn’t you build that?” The founders talked about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They didn’t say the capturing of happiness. They could have referred to happiness as a construct. You build your happiness on a solid foundation to get a good erection. That sounds like happiness. Mazlo would erect an edifice of self-actualization. Is that an internal thing or merely the slings and arrows of the outrageous unfortunates. Well, Dante put Epicurus in Hell. The caveat on that would be that Epicurus didn’t know he was in Hell. You’re as happy as you want to be. Clap your hands. If you look for fulfillment from stuff or from your relationships with other people you cede control of your own happiness. You need a guru. Guru = G-U-R-U = Gee, You Are You. That was from a song I heard on Dr Demento 30 years ago. I couldn’t find it on Youtube though. And I haven’t said anything truly original here either. It’s called learning from other peoples’ experiences. If I made religious claims based on their experiences I could be Propheting from it. If I profit from it I would be getting paid for the labor of others. Those with a lot of material wealth didn’t build it all themselves. Their employees did. Organizing and directing are valuable. Good management is vital to a business. So are employees. Ideologues imagine systems that simply don’t exist. Governments are inextricably linked to economics. The oldest forms of writing were tax records. Anything run by people will never be totally benevolent, that’s true of government, it’s true of businesses, it’s true of charities and nonprofits. I’ve noticed some op-ed people talk about sustainable economic systems. It strikes me as economic Darwinism when they loudly proclaim that socialism is unsustainable. Depending on the time frame you use the same could be said for every economic system ever tried. Eventually every society will either change to adapt to new situations or cease to exist. And after enough adaptations it will be completely different from it’s original form. Those adaptations will be caused by unhappy people. Tolstoi started Anna Karina with the line, “Happy families are all alike. Unhappy families are each unhappy in their own unique way.” The human race is just one big dysfunctional family.