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The Calamari, er, Dr Caligari is in the Cabinet

I watched “The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari” the other night. It was a bit different.


One thing that really stood out for me was that all the chairs in the movie looked EXTREMELY uncomfortable EXCEPT for the chairs in the insane asylum. They were relatively normal looking and looked quite comfortable.

I don’t know what that means, but it must mean something.

The rest of the sets were quite surreal. I think they were making a statement about a dark and dreary existence with trapezoidal doors and painted scenery. It may have been a rhombus way around a point.

Or if you want to rewind that, https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_2053483537&feature=iv&src_vid=hnzHtm1jhL4&v=L47GQG12WHg

I haven’t had Calamari in quite a long time, but there is one restaurant here that I know serves it. But I lied. I don’t have any in the cabinet. I do have tuna though. It works for the See-food diet. I see food then I eat it.


Are You Fat?

Post apocalyptic pick up line from the movie “Dead Within”. They were talking over a radio. Her reply was {approx.} “Are you kidding? I haven’t had an actual meal in six months.” I’ve been watching more movies of late. Some good some bad, I prefer the bad if they’re bad enough. It’s October now. Halloween flicks should be starting. You do hear some entertaining lines once in a while. In “Autopsy” the crash victim with the large chunk of glass sticking out his side is being wheeled down the hall by a doc in scrubs. He says, “Doc, am I going to be okay?” The doc replies, “No”. No antagonism, no real emotion conveyed at all, just total indifference.

Love is an emotional investment. Hate is an emotional investment. Indifference is an emotional hedge fund trading on inside information. Beware the sociopath selling short and buying long. Find out if your portfolio is load or no load before the pages get stuck together. And remember, pages are like interns, YOUNG.

Money is a very dirty business.