There Oughta Be A Law Against ….

It should be noted that they don’t make laws against things that nobody does. Similarly they don’t put warning labels on things when nobody has ever done that.

So when you see a warning label, especially one that warns about laws, you have to ask yourself, who was the moron that did that?

And why would anybody rip the tags off mattresses?

When England passed laws against homosexuality during Queen Victoria’s reign, they didn’t make it illegal to be a lesbian. Queenie didn’t believe any women would ever willingly do that. So there was no need for a law.

The Taxed Enough Already party at times seems to border on anarchy. They seem to think that whatever government touches it ruins. Governments are made of people. They aren’t going to be any better than people. Oh, and BTW people make mistakes. On Forever Knight vampires made mistakes too. Nick was forever killing the wrong person for the wrong reason. I’ve only seen a handful of episodes of Dexter. It sounds like he usually gets the right person. When the Tea party people first started appearing on the news, they seemed blissfully unaware as to what “Teabagging” is/was. My sister was one of those people. “You know what teabagging is, don’t you?” “What, has it got some special meaning since conservatives started using it?” “Well, the term was in use at colleges way back in the early 80’s when I was still a student.” “Course we didn’t have cell phone cameras or the internet. It was usually Poloroids on a bulletin board.” One more reason not to drink too much.

The only time I saw Rachel Maddow blush was the first time she did a story about teabaggers. I did see Ted Koppel blush during a Nightline episode about AIDS. They were talking about condom use during oral sex and a caller didn’t seem to think that would help much in his situation {he liked going down on his female partner}. Ted turned very red and went to commercial.

Marriage versus Civil Unions.
The fire at the Triangle shirt factory in 1911 killed a lot of people. The recent fire has some similarities. Unions exist for a reason. Laws exist for a reason. Without unions I doubt there would be an OSHA, or much labor law. I don’t think the middle class would be very big either. If you own a company that makes consumer items {clothing, shoes, kitchen stuff, lawnmowers, yard stuff} your employees should be able to afford your product. No that rule doesn’t apply to yachts, planes, or diagnostic medical equipment, but it should apply to shoes and a toaster. The song 16 Tons {sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford} was about a time when one’s commitment to one’s employer was more durable than marriage. “I owe my soul to the company store.” When divorce is so rare, I wonder how many people think about the phrase “Til death do us part.” If they really want to save social security why don’t they have automakers go back to drum brakes, get rid of the airbags and seatbelts, and have free cigarettes and booze, and school lunches are sugar deep fried in butter. No one would live long enough to burden the system.

If anybody is offended, yea! I did my part!

4 thoughts on “There Oughta Be A Law Against ….

  1. anonymama7

    I read something today about the UN trying to encourage everyone to eat a vegan diet to help save the planet enough to actually be able to feed everyone on the planet. They offered up a frankenmeat of sorts to those of us whom the idea of life without bacon wouldn’t even be worth living.
    I assume that they figure that they can save the planet by feeding everyone GMO veggies and meat. This would of course work because infant mortality would go up and people would die sooner and that population would go down. Viola problem solved no one is here long enough to really be a problem. Right?


  2. wildoats1962 Post author

    I hadn’t heard that, but they could always try the “Soylent Green” strategy. Whenever you make a crossbreed or hybrid it’s a form of genetic modifications. You can get carried away though, {I don’t think that chihuahua is going to carry that saint bernard puppy very well.} I’ll bet the chihuahua thinks breastfeeding the saint bernard is a bitch. I don’t mind tofu in Chinese and Japanese dishes, but it isn’t a turkey or a hamburger, and portobella mushrooms are not beef.

    Thanks for the comment


  3. Mrs Fever

    I don’t really know why anybody would rip the tags off mattresses, but I’d like to know why it’s illegal to do so. Why are labels so important, anyway? Just go to bed and enjoy yourself.


    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      Sign Sign Everywhere a sign, Breakin’ up the scenery, breakin’ my mind, Can’t you read the sign. I’ve wondered that too. I’ve never heard a good answer. The song does remind me of a story though. A friend of mine told me about his dentist. His dentist was full blooded Japanese, and could speak fluently. His parents spoke often in Japanese. One day he decided to visit his relatives that were still in Japan. This guy was a dentist, was college educated, was just plain smart, spoke Japanese without an accent.

      But they never taught him to READ it. While in Japan he had to ask directions and ask which trains to get on. All the while, everything he wanted to know about was written on signs all over the place. Since he looked and sounded like any typical Japanese person, but couldn’t read, people would think, Oh. he’s an imbecile and can’t read. After a week as the village idiot, he came back to the states and vowed to never go back there again.

      Staying in bed sounds like more fun. It even can be when you’re alone.




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