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Real or Not Real?

I’ll get to some humor in a minute, gotta rant first.

Reagan was wrong. GOVERNMENT IS NOT THE PROBLEM. Human nature is the problem. Power corrupts and guess what, people with a lot of money have a lot of power. It is a very dangerous myth that “My enemy’s enemy is my friend”. The only time that hasn’t came back to bite us in the ass is when the French helped us during the revolutionary war. If you realize those two things you avoid a lot of problems.

Unfortunately the problems are already here.

In some ways things were a lot simpler when the Soviet Union was still around. Everything was put into an us or them context without the shades of gray. Dictators were bad, but are they on our side or theirs. If they’re on our side we’ll still give them money, but we’ll try to get them to do a better job of ensuring human rights. We’ll pressure them on that. What’re they going to do with the money? Well what is the purpose of money or more generally wealth. To make life easier, more comfortable, right. Initially yes, but I doubt that a person, dictator or not, could spend vast quantities of cash to improve their living standard. Any amount above a certain level isn’t going to yield more luxury. It’s going to be spent on influence. It might be used to pay for soldiers or sycophants, but that’s really not an increase in standard of living. It could be viewed as enhancing the standard of living for those sycophants and solders. The more the money is spread out the more it benefits people generally. It doesn’t really benefit anybody if it is hoarded and not spent SOMEWHERE. Where it is spent is determined by who is spending it. Do we allow governments to tax, raise money, and spend it according to the directives of people representing us, or do we allow unelected businessmen to make those decisions? Money is power. enough of the rant.

Rant number two–
What is this shit? Sorry, number two is sometimes used as an excretory euphemism.

Reality shows–
Really? Are ANY of them real? I’ll quote Adam Savage from Mythbusters, “I reject your reality and substitute my own.” Right On Adam!

Just the Bear Facts, The guy signing in the corner KILLS me. There is adult content in this song. I find it amusing.


WGAS, DILLIGAF, and The Wicked Witch of the East

A while back I wrote a post complaining about managers and supervisors that don’t want to deal with things. I’m not in management, I don’t supervise anyone, so I get to bitch. Right?

Almost anytime someone has asked me to do a task that isn’t my job, but isn’t likely to get me in trouble, I’ll help. I’m in maintenance, so my work area could be anywhere in the facility or grounds. You want me to do something that affects the other shifts, nah why don’t you go through channels to get approval. I don’t want anybody jumping down my throat because I did something without a work order. You misplace something and ask me to keep an eye out for it, sure no problem. Today I was reminded of Steve Martin in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

Oh, you fucking misplaced something. No, I’m not in charge of the fucking lost and found. No we don’t even HAVE a fucking lost and found anymore. Oh, you fucking lost something last month too?

Who Gives A Shit, Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck, and do you need a house to fall on you to help you keep track of your stuff? Moron, you lost your wedding ring 3 years ago and I found that and returned it. I’m not going to keep your fucking coffee cup. I overheard him say he was going to retire in 11 months, GOOD! I hope he can find his house.

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!
Idiots Assholes and Jerks Oh My!

Okay, my rant is over. I feel better now.