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You Didn’t Build That

The real question would be, “Why didn’t you build that?” The founders talked about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They didn’t say the capturing of happiness. They could have referred to happiness as a construct. You build your happiness on a solid foundation to get a good erection. That sounds like happiness. Mazlo would erect an edifice of self-actualization. Is that an internal thing or merely the slings and arrows of the outrageous unfortunates. Well, Dante put Epicurus in Hell. The caveat on that would be that Epicurus didn’t know he was in Hell. You’re as happy as you want to be. Clap your hands. If you look for fulfillment from stuff or from your relationships with other people you cede control of your own happiness. You need a guru. Guru = G-U-R-U = Gee, You Are You. That was from a song I heard on Dr Demento 30 years ago. I couldn’t find it on Youtube though. And I haven’t said anything truly original here either. It’s called learning from other peoples’ experiences. If I made religious claims based on their experiences I could be Propheting from it. If I profit from it I would be getting paid for the labor of others. Those with a lot of material wealth didn’t build it all themselves. Their employees did. Organizing and directing are valuable. Good management is vital to a business. So are employees. Ideologues imagine systems that simply don’t exist. Governments are inextricably linked to economics. The oldest forms of writing were tax records. Anything run by people will never be totally benevolent, that’s true of government, it’s true of businesses, it’s true of charities and nonprofits. I’ve noticed some op-ed people talk about sustainable economic systems. It strikes me as economic Darwinism when they loudly proclaim that socialism is unsustainable. Depending on the time frame you use the same could be said for every economic system ever tried. Eventually every society will either change to adapt to new situations or cease to exist. And after enough adaptations it will be completely different from it’s original form. Those adaptations will be caused by unhappy people. Tolstoi started Anna Karina with the line, “Happy families are all alike. Unhappy families are each unhappy in their own unique way.” The human race is just one big dysfunctional family.


Was That Your Bidet? No

No it was my B-day as in birthday. I’m 52 now, just like a deck of cards. Only there are a couple of jokers so it can’t be a full deck. A pinochle deck only has 48 cards. What can you expect, they named the game after some unusual watersports fetish, of course you’re not playing with a full deck. And don’t even bring up one-eyed jacks. You keep them under the table and out of sight. Discretion.

Discretion means discrete quanta. Whatever it is it comes in individual clumps not smooth continuity. Yeah, people are like that. You can always tell where one person ends and another begins. The less discrete they are the easier it is to tell.

Sort of.

Took some time off from work, so it’s been fun not plowing snow, although I do still have to do my own sidewalk and driveway. And it has definitely been cold too. My sleep is still on my work schedule, even so, I should try to get to bed earlier. This is probably my shortest post. I’m still alive and a little older.

Is that a Bigfoot doing the Hustle? {just justifying the tags, it doesn’t mean anything}

As Long As It’s Black

Actually that phrase was used to describe Model T Fords. You could buy one any color you wanted, as long as it was black. I don’t know if that entered the vernacular from an ad campaign or just people talking.

Language and imagery do reflect cultural attitudes, the whole idea of using PC expressions came about from derogatory stereotypes. It can be a matter of perception. People tell little white lies, and when they get caught they tell big black ones. Black equals bad? Not to a businessman. They want to be in the black. They like them assets. Would you want a Black and White TV, or a colored one? Pretty much every ethnic group can be described using ethnic slurs. Wops and diegos, and many more that I can’t think were all used perjoratively probably by Archie Bunker. In the days before easy transportation most people lived their entire life less than 2 days walk from where they were born. There were exceptions, Roman Soldiers, Marco Polo, etc. Since they were essentially closed communities family traits became town traits. Then later, town traits would be regional traits. Eventually it amounts to different races. Keep in mind we are still one species. Mixed race kids can turn out fine, breeding between races might create some social problems{mostly from people that can’t stand the idea.}, but biologically it’s fine. There used to be more than one SPECIES of the genus Homo. A Neanderthal man could probably force himself on a Cromagnon woman. But would he want to? Maybe Homo Erectus would be more appealing? Doubtful, IMO. There was an article recently, someone claims to have sequenced the DNA of a Sasquatch. They think some other hominid bred with modern human females 15000 years ago and thus we ended up having Sasquatch running around. Okay, who’s been doing it with the big hairy guy with really big feet?

My point is, I want to figure out how to do some rudimentary links. Rudimentary means I’m rude and a mental case. Here goes,

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