And just what is it about Argentina?

After WWII, Nazis seemed to venture there, Odessa being the conspiracy theory of choice about that. Adolf Eichman was captured there, Josef Mengele was there at the same time, but was not captured. He fled to Paraguay and Uruguay.

Eva Peron, Evita, died very young at 33. And it seems they didn’t just let her rest in peace. She was embalmed, preserved, put on display for a couple of years, stolen and hidden after a military coup, returned to Juan. This part strikes me as being more than just a little bit weird. I’ll quote wiki:

In 1971, Evita’s body was exhumed and flown to Spain, where Juan Perón maintained the corpse in his home. Juan and his third wife, Isabel, decided to keep the corpse in their dining room on a platform near the table. In 1973, Juan Perón came out of exile and returned to Argentina, where he became president for the third time. Perón died in office in 1974. His third wife, Isabel Perón, whom he had married on 15 November 1961, and who had been elected vice-president, succeeded him, thus becoming the first female president in the Western Hemisphere. It was Isabel who had Evita’s body returned to Argentina and (briefly) displayed beside Juan Perón’s. The body was later buried in the Duarte family tomb in La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires.

End quote.

I said it was weird. How sanitary is it to have a corpse in your dining room?

Continuing, here in the US there was Wilbur Mills fooling around with Fanne Foxe. She was from Argentina

and worked as a stripper. Mills was chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. At one point he appeared on stage with her and her husband. He was a Democrat.

Then you have Mark Sanford. He was governor of South Carolina,and he had an affair with an Argentinian woman. He left and told his family and staff that he was going hiking. He went hiking on National Nude Hiking Day. This was a holiday that I was unfamiliar with. June 21 mark your calenders. He’s a Republican.

Must be some spicy salsa dancers down there. That’s probably the main thing to do in the Falklands.


4 thoughts on “And just what is it about Argentina?

      1. wildoats1962 Post author

        Keeping her in the dining room seemed particularly odd. Even more so since it was her preserved body. I have known a few people who kept ashes in the house {usually they either didn’t have the money to bury them or they wanted to wait until they died and have them buried together.} On King Of The Hill Hank’s dad wanted to be flushed down Patton’s toilet. That was fictional, Keith Richards snorted his dad’s ashes.


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