Nuki Nuki Nuki, How I Love My Nuki

That is pronounced nookie. I was looking for the camp song called “The Bear Song” on youtube. I’ve seen it there before, well this time a search for “The Bear Song” yielded a bunch of songs by the “Gummy Bears”. The gummy songs feature animated gummy bears dancing in their underwear. The Nuki Nuki song was pretty close to the top. I am apparently behind the times, Nuki is a Gerber brand of pacifier.


Okaaay, the next line is “If you’re my friend I’ll share.”  That’s an interesting —



There was also a news article by a Chinese reporter. She was reporting from a village that had recently dug a new well. The village elders and the reporter, thought it was an unusual and rare mushroom that had been dug up. It was actually a sex toy.


Hm, the mushrooms on this pizza are really chewy, and they don’t taste very good.



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