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NUKE ‘EM ALL!!! Just Nuke Them All.

I bought a new microwave before work today. I must say that my old one wasn’t completely dead. It was having issues though. After each use it would shut itself off. And lose it’s settings and not restart until it had cooled off. Even so, I really can’t complain about that unit. I bought it 8-8-88. I remember the date quite clearly. There were stories about how it was supposed to be a really really lucky day. It was for me. I bought a microwave, a refrigerator, my first CD player, and my first color TV that same day. I got a thank you note from the store manager. The CD player and the refrigerator are still working. The TV crapped out after 2 weeks and I had to take it back. At least I didn’t go back to living in a B&W world.

It was also the anniversary of the Chernobyl meltdown. I was in the Army back then. 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima are the three nuke accidents you hear about. I’m sure there have been others. If nothing else I’m sure nuclear ships or subs have sank. There were 2 H-bombs lost in the ocean off Spain too. And then there was that Polonium 210 that ended up in that guy’s tea. That might not count as an accident though.

The number 88 is used by white supremacist groups. The eighth letter is H so 88 is supposed to indicate Heil Hitler. Leave it to them to ruin a good year. There was a rally in Georgia recently.


I don’t know about the source, but I like the headline.


Lulu’s Gone Away

Some of my coworkers retired at the end of March.

Everybody makes the workplace happy. Some when they arrive, some when they leave.

Some are real lulus. I had that song stuck in my brain too. I remember it as a cutesy “Adult” song from back in the day of euphemisms.



Is there a euphemistic way of referring to euphemisms?

What synonyms are there for synonym?

And what about Dennis Rader?

Sometimes my mind doesn’t simply wander, my train of thought derails and careens wildly through non sequiturs. And according to Merriam Webster I spelled that correctly, but the spellcheck running in the background didn’t like it. It’s been in the English language since the 1500s. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/non%20sequitur

Dennis Rader was the BTK killer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dennis_Rader

In some documentaries they talk about serial killers feeling like they have no control over their life. So they take control by killing people. BTK exemplifies this in that he stopped killing after he became a code enforcement officer. When he could be a real asshole to people and they didn’t really have any recourse, he didn’t feel the need to kill.

It makes me wonder how many “Little Hitlers” would turn into serial killers if they didn’t have their own little realm to rule over.

Then I wonder if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that they have those little realms. How many people do they make miserable through “Legitimate” outlets compared to how many people do they make miserable by being a serial killer?

On the bright side, whichever they do they don’t live forever. All reigns end sometime. Into all lives a little reign must fall.

One coworker I will miss, the other is a joy to not see any more.

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Be A Petite Bertha

About a year ago I wrote a post titled A Rose By Any Other Name. I had forgotten about that. This one’s different.

I have never met anyone named Bertha. Names tend to fluctuate in popularity, and some names stay relatively common. Biblical names stay popular, at least some of them. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are all common in English speaking countries, although I don’t hear them used for Middle Easterners often. In the Army I met Justin Case, Officer Candidate James T. Kirk, and others. Since this was the Army I’m guessing Jim never made it past Captain.

That was the Army. There have been artillery guns named Bertha, Big Bertha. Maybe that’s part of why the name isn’t common. I have known a few women named Beatrice. All but one went by Bea. There was one Trixie though. I dated her Aunt, and the aunt’s name was NOT Bea. I don’t recall knowing any Gertrudes. Trudy would not be a bad name. I can picture an attractive Trudy. My mom named all of her cars Gertie. That’s not really the prettiest name, but it does have some possibilities. Dirty Gertie might be fun loving.

I am a Frank Zappa fan. Moon Unit and Dweezil would not be my first choices for kid’s names. I remember looking in music stores for Zappa stuff. They used to engrave it on these vinyl disks, or on plastic ribbons with magnetic materials. One day I noticed a placard that said “Bobby Brown.” I looked at the placard and thought, “Why would they have a whole category for one song?” I went over and started flipping through CDs. Then it hit me. THE ARTIST WAS CALLED BOBBY BROWN! That immediately made me smile. I also wondered if anyone had sent him Frank’s song titled Bobby Brown. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s-wzTRwJMg

Titles sometimes pop into my head, then I try to think of posts to go with them. Not true this time. I was going to title this one, “Inter-racial Lolita Lesbian Sex Between Midgets and Amazons.” The rest of the post would have been the same, but would have ended with me quoting my old blog from the other place. I wrote the following at 3AM 5-9-2006. ” I saw something unusual today. There were a pair of pigeons mating in the rafters. There was a small bird perched a few feet away watching them. It was clearly a different species. There it stood enjoying the view as the pigeons flapped and made noise and generally enjoyed themselves. As the pigeons reached a crescendo, the small bird flew to their nest took some nesting material and flew away. The pigeons settled down for a rest. It didn’t last long, soon they were at it again. Once again their audience showed up. The little bird watched till things reached a frenzy, then took some more nesting material. This scene repeated itself a total of four times.

I guess it shows that you should be careful who you let watch.”

I titled it, The Voyeur Bird. I suppose I could have called it Inter-species Lesbian etc.

Ed Gruberman, Approach That You May Learn

I have an acquaintance that used to teach martial arts. He’s a big guy. He really isn’t like the instructor on this clip. Tranquil and serene do not describe him. He has a fierce temper. It’s getting better, but he’s getting older. Several years ago a horse stepped on him and broke his pelvis. That’s when he stopped teaching.

I wonder how many Ed Grubermans there are out there. People that feel the need to be able to inflict serious hurt on others either with or without weapons. The History Channel had a series called Wild West Tech. It was mentioned on various episodes that gunfights often were asshole against asshole. Pleasant happy go lucky people were usually able to avoid those fights. And then there’s the BTK killer from Wichita. He killed quite a few people, but stopped killing after he became a code enforcement officer. My theory on that is that when he was able to be a real prick as part of his work, he no longer felt the urge to kill. Some documentaries say that serial killers tend to feel like they have no control over things that happen in their life. To get control they kill people.

I’ve also been watching Dexter on Netflix. Dex doesn’t fit that pattern but his victims sure do. And he’s a likeable serial killer. Barnabas Collins and Nick Knight were likeable vampires too.

Control issues, quote Alexander Haig, “I’m in charge.”

Just ramblin wild

I learned something today.

I heard about a sex practice that I had never heard of before.

People that know me, also know that it has got to be really really weird if *I* have never heard of it.

I would never give or receive doing this.

And if your mom said you’d go blind, she might be right this time.

Okay enough suspense.

Now to see if it is actually posting. Preview doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried three news sites and youtube and the link doesn’t show. I’ll try saving a draft first.

I got the video on there, now I can’t get tags.

Okay, TAG you’re it. I wonder if the news sites will be postable now?


Well it’s all working now. That’s a more correct statement than saying it’s all good now.

I am really falling behind on reading other blogs. I’ll read more tomorrow. Tomorrow is only a day away. {Annie I think}


Oh My It’s Takei not tacky,The Big O, The Story of O, and J

I was perusing around Wiki and Youtube today. Anyone that reads much of what I write has to know I like a good laugh. George Takei has a really good sense of humor. Sometimes it seems like half of the jokes on facebook are credited to his page. He is getting a bit older, as most of us do, so he might be getting grey.

As a preteen I remember looking at some magazines that talked about “The big O”. With the 60’s being the era of “Free Love” and all, you wouldn’t think so many women would be so repressed about their own sexuality. It was a “Hot” topic at the time. These weren’t the nudie mags aimed at men. These were women’s mags, guy mags would have pictures. Sometime after that I read “The Sensuous Woman” again with no pictures! I was a teen by then, some pictures would have helped in my own research of the male orgasm. Still and all it gave me some miniscule insight into what women want. And they all want something different {Hm, I’m about as different as anybody and yet I’m not in demand}. I also read “The Happy Hooker” by Xaviera Hollander. When I started this post I decided to look up when Ms Hollander died. She hasn’t yet. She is 69, how’s that for a coincidence? The author of The Sensuous Woman was listed as J on the cover. All about O by J, not too bad to wake up to I suppose. Notice I did NOT say, “The Story of O”, that is altogether different. Not my cup of tea, but


From approx. 1974-78 Club magazine featured more or less normal pictorials, but some rather extreme writings. I won’t go into details, I don’t want anyone to hurl. That includes hurling objects at my head.

I don’t have a point in bringing these things up. Epee and Snee, one has a point and the other doesn’t. So is it blunt or dull? Are paraphilias less interesting if you use the big words?


THWACK! Thank You Sir! May I Have Another?

What motivates a person, a carrot? a stick?
Well I’ve seen a tagline that said anything that doesn’t kill me just makes me stronger. A stick does motivate people. Probably always has, I remember a Bugs Bunny toon where Sam and Bugs are running for mayor. At one point Bugs sports the small glasses, buck teeth, and mustache of TR. He says “I speak softly and carry a biiig stick!” Sam runs up says, “Well I speak loud and carry a bigger stick! And I use it too!” and he bops Bugs on the head. The last election brings up carrot and stick strategies. The GOP seems to favor a stick approach to getting people off welfare. Cut ’em off and they’ll go out and get work. And they favor a carrot approach to encouraging businesses, yeah lets get rid of those pesky regulations and taxes.

I consider myself a Liberal. That doesn’t mean that I think government is utopian. It means that the cost of doing business is not always immediately obvious. You like those countries with low or no corporate tax? I hope you like paying for it in graft. If you’re using lots of irrigation water, do you compensate the people downstream that no longer have that water to drink? If you own a power plant or factory and release pollutants how do you assess downstream damages? You want cheap pork so you open a confinement operation. Do you live downwind of it? If the owners had to live next to their operations, they might decide to clean them up a bit. Personally I think making the top execs live there would be a more effective environmental law. You foul the air, you breathe it. You foul the water, you drink it. Camels know it, the eye of the needle sees it, the love of money is the root of evil. Certainly people should be rewarded for their inventiveness, perseverance, and work ethic. Now think for a minute. If you won a large Powerball jackpot and had millions of dollars. You would not have to work at a job somewhere {particularly a Mcjob}. But that doesn’t mean you would plop in front of a TV and veg until you were dead. You would probably do something that you like to do, something you want to do, whether you make any money at it or not. I’ve never been wealthy, but I did get a Governor’s Volunteer Award in 88 for my work recording books on audio tapes. So at what point is a person wealthy enough? At what point should a person feel, I’ve got enough, the extra can go towards helping people. On the History channel they had a program called “Secret Passages”. On one segment they talked about a wealthy industrialist who felt bad for the locals that wanted to work but couldn’t find jobs. So he hired anybody that wanted to work and had them dig tunnels. In one sense useless, meaningless work, because there was no reason for the tunnels. On the other hand, he helped employ the locals. He spread the wealth around benefiting many. I think it’s a positive story, not a story of waste. Yet if the government tries to redistribute wealth in the exact same way, some would call it waste, some would probably even call it evil.

Self made millionaire? You were raised by wolves then? No, you’d have to give the wolves some credit for taking care of you when you were too young to care for yourself. There are most definitely skills involved in selling yourself, or in selling anything. Knowledge is power, and an awful lot of it comes from others. Look at language. Should you be able to tell what race a person is by talking to them on the phone? How you talk comes from others. You probably didn’t invent your own language and then teach it to your parents/relatives. First impressions do count in job interviews.

I’ll get off my soapbox now, I need some more soap anyway.