And this concerns me how?

I have heard that phrase from members of management many times over the years, more frequently lately. It really pisses me off. Why do you want to be in management if “It’s not your problem.”

You might have noticed that I put this in some unusual categories.
Telemachus was the son of Odysseus. He was too young to go to the Trojan War. He stayed home with mom and complained while “suitors” filled up his father’s house. He didn’t DO anything about it until his father came home. That’s real leadership.

Pythagorus was a great mathematician and musician. He was very knowledgeable, but had the view that knowledge was sacred. It had to be kept secret. Doesn’t great leadership involve not letting people know what plans are in place, and what is the timetable for changes.

Olden times, Yeah, I feel olden more and more.

Happy Thanksgiving All!


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