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Lead A Full Life, Or an Empty One, Just don’t give the Statisticians an Opportunity

Do you believe in amassing reserves for use in troubled times?

Do you believe in utilizing ALL of one’s resources to accomplish a goal?

WHO is correct?

So much of life depends on philosophy. Philosophy and art are probably the two most undervalued majors for college students.

I was a Physics major. I haven’t worked in my field in 33 years. That doesn’t mean I’m not a scientist. It means I am an AMATEUR scientist. And if you check the history books, the amateurs are the ones that did a lot of the discoveries. I suppose I could try to be an evil mad scientist, but I woke up from a nightmare about that a few minutes ago so it’s probably not a good option. I would probably have more nightmares.

As to using resources, in the past week I have spent hundreds filling my freezer due to sales. I don’t intend to ever go hungry. Some don’t worry about those things. Forget ants and grasshoppers!

Nature provides examples.

If you have to, give them the bird.


Of Mice And Men

The best laid plans sounds like something you might find on a sex site.

Mice – pestilence carrying rodents, not a good choice for dating.

Men – attributes vary wildly, might be a good date depending on your preferences of the moment. A man-date is something politicians often talk about. They usually want one. Strangely they often want one even if they are male and anti-LGBT rights.

Well let’s look at the mice again.

It could be a touch mouse or a rollerball, perhaps even optical.

That doesn’t sound like much of a date?

Well if you take the mouse to a sex site…..

You won’t find Denisovans but perhaps Neanderthals would be good enough

Not a lot of words to this song but what would you expect from Neanderthals.

Good Gnus, Bad Gnus, Oh Bull!

Does a Lapp dance bring Rain Dear?

The Mount ain’t lying about them cougars. They is lookin’ for a Postal Boy Toy called E-male. They found ‘im in the Bull-E Pull-Pit. It was a virtual man-hole.


Wild The Beest

BBQ Dads, TP, Wet Dream, I Love Ewe {or maybe Eww}

First Up, Greg and Lou, these guys just kill me.

Cardboard, so hot it’s like blowing a seal.
WHAT? ?!?!?!?
Okay, maybe just a wet dream.

When I first heard that I so wanted to send a copy to Jacques Cousteau. Yeah, it was long enough ago that he was still alive.

Some years back a guy in Iowa was caught with a sheep in a blue nightgown. It made the Bob and Tom show. I found out later the guy was a musician. I doubt that he performed this for an audience.

Deer Oh Deer

Sometimes I can be rather crass and tasteless. Sorry Charlie, they want tuna that tastes good, not tuna with good taste.

I kind of feel like Rod Serling, I should have a cigarette in hand welcoming you to the Twilight Zone, or Night Gallery, or maybe News of the Weird. First Up, Wisconsin in Nov 2006.


Please don’t blame the messenger. I did nothing to the deer.

Arkansas Aug 2006.


I have never killed a deer. I have killed pheasants, squirrels, rabbits, various fish and turtles, and chickens for food. I have killed various rodents, insects, spiders, centipedes, and assorted creepy crawlies because I didn’t like them. In all cases I did try to be quick and as painless as possible. I did hit a deer with my car once. He ramped over it and ran away. He was running fast enough that I don’t think he could have been seriously injured. Later I did contemplate what I would have done if he had went through the windshield. I would probably have died. Antlers are somewhat formidable, but the hooves can be vicious. Buckled into a seat with little room to maneuver, it would be impossible to escape. I very seriously doubt that I could kill one with my bare hands. That means it would probably kill me. But, it wouldn’t eat me, and I doubt that it would have sex with me either. After I’m dead, I kind of doubt that I’ll really care what happens to my body.


I’ll try to not be disgusting tomorrow.

Did you have to pay a stud fee for that?


I’m speechless. Well, almost. You can’t shut me up that easily. I think I mentioned this on my old blog, but I didn’t link to it. They didn’t like links over there. You were always looking for the missing link.

Now, about this horse meat found in England in fast food, if it was fast food were they race horses.

Frozen meatballs from Ikea? Who buys food from a furniture maker?

And no, they didn’t pay a stud fee for that. Lousy cheapskates, that’s why you always get the money up front. No pay, no play.