Did you have to pay a stud fee for that?


I’m speechless. Well, almost. You can’t shut me up that easily. I think I mentioned this on my old blog, but I didn’t link to it. They didn’t like links over there. You were always looking for the missing link.

Now, about this horse meat found in England in fast food, if it was fast food were they race horses.

Frozen meatballs from Ikea? Who buys food from a furniture maker?

And no, they didn’t pay a stud fee for that. Lousy cheapskates, that’s why you always get the money up front. No pay, no play.


2 thoughts on “Did you have to pay a stud fee for that?

  1. wildoats1962 Post author

    The Greeks had a lot of plays called tragi-comedies. They used to hold masks on stage that’s where the laughing and sad masks come from. I use a lot of dark humor, but I use it when describing things that happen to me too. AB is like that too. Just the other day she was telling me about her visit to the Dr and how he got on her case for not taking her toe condition seriously. She has another appt on April Fool’s Day. And my wife and in-laws got on my case for joking about dying while I was in the hospital. I told them not to pick any wimp pall bearers because they’re going to work carrying me. If they can’t find any weightlifters they’ll have to cremate me.



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