Ouroboros and Chinese Military Underwear

One of my many little pet peeves is when creationists use evolutionary language to describe economics or social structure. Darwin is wrong about natural selection, but that is how capitalism works. That is why certain societies flourish. Capitalism weeds out the inefficient. Capitalism is the equalizer in that if you have a better idea you can compete and win.

I call BS on that. History is far too chaotic. James Burke had a couple of series that showed a “Pinball” approach to history. They were “Connections” and “The Day The Universe Changed”. Random occurrences, luck plays a role. Yes, individual skills and work can be needed to utilize that luck, but luck plays a role. Look up the odds of surviving gastrulation if you doubt me. What constitutes a “Free” market? It doesn’t exist and has never existed except in the cases of niche markets for limited amounts of time. Economics, like the other social sciences is not as straight forward as mathematics, chemistry, or physics. In the latter two certain assumptions are made, but they’re made with an awareness of those assumptions. Physics will use massless strings and frictionless pulleys when teaching concepts. Chemistry uses homogenous solutions and uniform transitions in similar ways. They are useful when you acknowledge the limitations of your models. Any study involving people will involve specific individual reactions that really don’t model well. It gets more individualized when you have LEADERS. And that doesn’t have to be just political leaders. Would our space program look the same if Von Braun never came to the US? Would we have developed the bomb without Oppenheimer? Those people weren’t monolithic geniuses. They had help. They would acknowledge that help. They would probably have been influential in any society. Maybe. The social Darwinist might play up their individual capabilities regardless of the society they were in, proving the superiority of certain individuals. It’s an experiment we can’t do, although Hitler tried. I don’t think life is like a video game where you can restart and try a different strategy. And that is why the what if arguments get so volatile when talking about politics. It’s opinion not a repeatable experiment. Feelings aren’t necessarily logical or rational. Revenge is an ideal example. It’s never an eye for an eye. It’s an eye and a finger for an eye. How would you punish a mass/serial killer? You can only kill them once.

Obviously not a G string, but stringy underwear none the less. Way back when the riots at Tiananmen Square were going on I heard that the military used their belts as flails. I have seen articles where people say that it’s not a good idea. The belt buckle doesn’t really do enough damage to deter an attack. I also heard that the belt buckles they were issued were quite heavy and capable of causing severe injuries. I seem to recall hearing that motorcycle chains worn as belts can be effective flails also.


I remember seeing an Army training film about Russian foot wraps when I was in basic training. I can’t believe they used them that long. They did look interesting.



As a Red Dwarf fan there is of course that reference. The unending circle of life, consuming and being consumed all at once, a Greek version of Yin/Yang or of the Phoenix, it’s all of those. First the bird eats the ants, after the bird dies the ants eat the bird.

Wild lost in the ozone again

4 thoughts on “Ouroboros and Chinese Military Underwear

  1. furbal1972

    Have you been smoking that “Super Weed” that I recently came across? lol (Way better than the best “Colorado pot” I’ve had. Shhh)

    Some good points though. (Even though I had to look up what “gastrulation” meant. My first thought was that it was a typo of “castration”. Who would want to survive that?! lol)

    I just read an article (or maybe just a headline) about the Russian foot wraps, and how that ‘now’ they’ve finally started wearing socks. — There is nothing like a clean & dry pair of socks!

    This world is so random. “Is it headed in the “right” direction? .. Who knows.? It’s not like it’s a ‘multiple choice question’.


    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      I did treat myself to a cigar but no Pineapple Express {peculiar stoner movie}. It’s somewhat more disjointed than normal because I started writing it about Thanksgiving, and when I thought of the underwear and socks connection I decided to wait until Christmas. A month is a bit long for “Hold that thought.” I was also kind of wound up by a local Op-ed columnist who spouts conservative rhetoric with a dab of Creationism thrown in. He gets me wound up because I’ve talked with him in person and he’s reasonable face to face. I’m not sure if his goal as a columnist is to encourage the conservatives or to piss off the liberals. There is a commonality of human worth and human experience and a big difference in the role of government, civil society, and economic ties. A liberal would focus on the interconnections and a conservative on the separations. One of my biggest complaints about him would be that he defines what he thinks the liberal position is. If you make the straw man it’s easy to knock him down. That would also be why my favorite conservative will always be William F. Buckley Jr.. One final deep thought, if life begins at conception does it last until your last cell dies? A lot of embryos never make it past castration er gastrulation.

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  2. Mrs Fever

    It’s not survival of the fittest. It’s survival of the most adaptable. Which can be a fairly hideous thing.

    I think there is a difference between corporatism and capitalism. I am a business owner, and I’m glad I live in an economic system that allows for my skills to be put to use that way, and that I have choices – after taxes – about how to utilize my profits. Capitalism only works when it’s within a moral compass. I don’t think any socio-political construct should be considered due north.

    I’m not a socialist, but I have been known to socialize occasionally. Nekkid. 😉

    Merry Christmas, Wild.

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    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      I can be quite adaptable and it’s not always real pretty. Economics is not real pretty very often, I think that’s because people get involved in it. In an ideal world people would be different. A small number of “Bad” people can ruin things for a very large number. Their “Badness” is learned. Unfortunately it spreads like a contagion and is not easy to cure.

      *I* socialize in a myriad of ways.
      Merry X-mas to you too!



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