Brazilian Wax Museum

Rogues gallery or rouge gallery? Blame it on Rio, or Carnival.

I’m not a big fan of the hairless look, it reminds me too much of kids. But I can see some advantages, mostly in bikinis. It still sounds like pain. There’s a video floating around of Harrison Ford getting his chest waxed for charity.

There’s also a video of Vladimir Putin singing Blueberry Hill at a charity event.

It would seem that you can find almost anything on the net.

Every now and then you hear about Argentina. Mark Sanford went down there {I’ll bet he did} to meet his girlfriend during National Nude Hiking Day. Wilbur Mills got involved with Fanne Fox and her husband. That happened in the US but she was from Argentina. And in between the two there was the Falklands War between Argentina and the UK. The three events are not linked to my knowledge, but maybe some conspiracy theorist can find a link.

So, should there be a wax museum dedicated to Brazilian wax jobs? MME Tussauds doesn’t have any sites in S. America.

I wonder if they ever have actors/actresses pose as wax figures? I’ve never been to a wax museum. I’ve seen a few horror movies set in them. If there is a museum dedicated to early sound recordings it could be called a wax museum.

2 thoughts on “Brazilian Wax Museum

  1. Michael Conoan

    I’m not going to go “hairless” myself. — No, just no

    But, um… I do appreciate a lady that makes the time and effort to do so! 😀


    Now South American politics and culture are another story entirely.

    Bring on the Brazilian games!
    (Venezuela and Chile, just get out of the way. lol)


    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      I have a coworker that says going hairless makes him look bigger. I should ask him do you let the woman shave you? With a straight razor? Personally I can’t see why it would matter if the razor was straight or gay.

      Yeah the culture and politics are not exactly like here. It’s surprising how much influence Portugal had when you look at the size of Portugal.



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