Turnip Dreams and Other Things

A curious juxtaposition has occurred. I was talking on the phone to my friend AB, and she has had some problems with her foot lately. She has an ulcer on her heel and one of her toes has swelled to about double in size and turned purple on one side. People have been on her case to go back to the Doctor. They told her to quit smoking. While I can’t really call that bad advice I do doubt the efficacy of treating her foot that way. After much badgering she went back, and they put her on antibiotics. I can’t remember which ones but one made her sick and the other didn’t seem to do much at all. I do remember, actually she reminded me, then I remembered, the other one was the same one they used to treat Anthrax back in 01. She has also been having nightmares about her foot being infested with maggots or worms. Where am I going with this? Well, Mrs Fever mentioned turnips in a reply to one of my comments. That didn’t clear things up? Okay, I was put on a weight loss drug back in 08 and it caused nightmares for me. I wrote a blog about it 7-19-2008, I’ll copy and paste and all will be made clear.

I can only remember one that could be described as a nightmare. I was at my mom’s house. There was a very large turnip in the yard. The top of the root was over a foot thick, purple on top white at dirt level with large green leaves on top. I asked ma how long it had been there. She said it wasn’t there when she went to bed. I went out to look at it. While I was looking at it my cuff touched a leaf. Instantly there was the pain of needles going into my ankle. My leg went numb and I fell down and screamed. I could fell my leg going from flesh to something solid. Friends neighbors and relatives came running. I yelled for them to pull me away. They tried, but there was a tendril with the leaf. It wouldn’t give. Someone grabbed an axe and chopped the tendril leaving about six inches attached to my ankle. I could feel a solidness spreading from the tendril up my leg. I asked them to take me further away from the turnip. The further away I was the slower the spreading was. I told everyone this. A couple of them came back with shotguns and started shooting the turnip. At first the spreading seemed to slightly recede. Then the bits of turnip that had been blown off took root. Now the were more than a dozen rapidly growing turnips in the yard. Someone else left and came back with a flame thrower. They started burning the turnips and the pain began leaving my leg. The tendril that they had been unable to pull off, fell off of its own accord as the last turnip burned. Then I woke up.

Most of the dreams aren’t as dramatic as that, but odd any way. I went someplace to buy a half a ton of sand. I told them I didn’t have a truck. They said no problem I could borrow that one. They pointed to one out the window. I thought great. They loaded up the sand and I got in the truck. I immediately noticed that this truck had no engine. It was human powered through gears and bike pedals. This dream had some extreme time compression. I had looked at the clock before I fell asleep, I looked at the clock when I woke up to see just how long I had slept. In the dream, I picked up the sand in the morning. I argued with them about the truck. I was stuck with it. Eventually I tried pedaling it and the gears made it possible to move the truck. It was just extremely slow. It was nightfall when I finally gave up. Exhausted and sweaty I got out of the truck and walked away. I had made it about a mile. Then I woke up. In reality, that dream lasted only between 20 and 25 minutes.

One of the key features of dreams or nightmares is that the dreamer buys into whatever is going on no matter how impossible or odd. The exception is lucid dreaming, when you begin to realize that it is a dream and you are asleep. That doesn’t happen very often with nightmares, if it did they wouldn’t be nightmares.

If one is being attacked by vegetables, and one’s neighbors help by using flamethrowers, I think one could be considered insane. The really bad part about the second dream is that when I woke up I had to go to work and I felt as tired as if I had just finished working a very long day.

AB is fond of using the word segue. It does have a certain two-wheeledness about it. We can actually follow each others reasoning patterns. Scary huh?


7 thoughts on “Turnip Dreams and Other Things

  1. Mrs Fever

    You and AB always seemed to communicate at a frequency only the two of you were attuned to. I miss her blog. I’m sorry to hear about her foot. Please pass along my well wishes for her recovery.

    I read a novel in which the protagonists were lucid dreamers. It’s a fascinating concept. At the same time, once you ‘take control’ of your dream, it seems to me that you’re not *technically* dreaming anymore. I can see how lucid dreaming would be beneficial in nightmare situations. But otherwise, I think the subconscious processes information and sends us messages while we’re dreaming that are important to absorb, rather than ‘control’.

    Of course, I might feel differently if I was forced to relive my nightmares by the light of day. But I don’t usually remember my dreams. And when I do, they’re a bit odd. To say the least.


    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      I think that was one of the attractions we both felt. She has told me that I’m one of the few people that can follow her thought pattern. It’s the same with her following mine. Inside jokes weren’t intended to be inside only it’s just that no one else “Got it.”

      I have attempted to take control in my dreams from time to time. I was successful maybe a half dozen times in my life. Even then the control isn’t total, the conscious and subconscious kind of spar. The biggest difference is that you are aware of being asleep. There is not a lot of difference between dreams and hallucinations. It boils down to are you asleep and does it go away when you wake up. If it doesn’t go away when you wake up, then you have to figure out if it’s a hallucination or reality. That’s also when your wardrobe includes outfits with really long sleeves.


      1. Mrs Fever

        I never felt like you were flaunting the insides of your jokes. 😉 You two just seemed to speak your own language. I totally get that. Arch and I are the same way. The Mister sometimes attempts to understand our IM conversations, but often gives up after the first few lines because ours is a wavelength he just doesn’t follow.

        As for dreams vs. hallucinations…

        Were your weight loss drug a psychotropic?


  2. wildoats1962 Post author

    Phentermine, I would have to check spelling to be sure. It’s a stimulant that is supposed to suppress appetite. I didn’t get hungry much, but I was only sleeping an hour or two per night. It also caused difficult painful urination. Sudafed does that to me too. I can only imagine how bad meth would probably be. One hit and I’d probably die from kidney/bladder failure. If it’s not psychotropic on it’s own, then the lack of sleep would be.


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