A Stick, A Stick, My Kingdom for a stick

Actually a stick wouldn’t have done me any good because of the crook in the neck.

Yes, I choose my words carefully.

Monday night on my way home from work I did something I had only done once before and that was in December 1981. I ran out of gas. My gas gauge sticks on full, but when I get down to half it usually starts working and reads correctly then. Not this time. I get off work a little past midnight, it was 14 degrees out, not a soul on the road. And I don’t own a cellphone. I was a mile and a half from home. I start walking and discover, my jacket has a broken zipper. I do most of my posting and reading on the weekend, and I had intended to title this, “I didn’t die! I made it! I did have my doubts.” I changed my mind after Friday’s news. I didn’t want anybody jumping to the conclusion that I was making light of that.

At work we used to have our own gas pumps and underground tanks. The way you check them to see how much is left is to use a long stick. We no longer have the tanks, but we do still have the stick. And you use a dip stick to check oil, tranny fluid {that’s always fun}, power steering fluid, etc. Gasoline you rely on a float system and they make the tanks with a bend in the neck to prevent you from using a stick.

I think of the movie Club Paradise when I think of the line about not dying. Joe Flaherty is a pilot in that movie. After he lands he does a little dance, kisses the ground, and generally inspires confidence.

Not only do I not have a stick, I don’t have a kingdom either. So the offer is null and void. I plan on buying gas regardless of my gauge so that I won’t be null and void too.



4 thoughts on “A Stick, A Stick, My Kingdom for a stick

  1. wildoats1962 Post author

    Sometimes peculiar things happen. After clicking publish it showed this post and the recent posts to the side. It divided the title at the word kingdom. I looked at the recent posts and thought, I didn’t write anything titled “Dom for a stick.” Maybe that was a hint.


  2. Mrs Fever

    Glad you’re okay, Wild.

    I sort of snort-choke-laughed at “tranny fluid”. I don’t think I’ll ever think of my transmission quite the same way again.

    I don’t have a kingdom either. But that doesn’t stop me from behaving like a Princess. 😉


  3. wildoats1962 Post author

    And you have to wipe the dip-stick clean before inserting for fluid levels. Actually, I never took auto shop in school. I wonder if I missed out? The recent storm was not much fun either. Wednesday night both of our plows went down. One of our supervisors {who is normally a nice guy} shared his attitude with me {I felt like telling him that I DRIVE the plows, I don’t REPAIR them}. I have had a mild cold since my long walk, the runny nose and attitude led me to call in. Chicken soup and sleep helped both. When I made the original kingdom comment I was trying to think of something along the lines of phylum or genus. I guess that’s a whole ‘nother species of joke.



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