Upside Down Sybian? Better Than Sex?

I’ve just finished watching a very good documentary. It was about the website

On that link I would especially suggest reading the user review at the bottom of the page. The film is available on Netflix. This documentary really gives some insight into the BDSM culture. There are some very memorable scenes and lines. Riding a sybian is one thing. Riding it while suspended upside down is a new twist. The dialog really digs into the humanity of the models, producers, and staff. They are real people after all. You get a feel for who they are. The second half of my title comes from a comment one person made while describing the sub/dom relationship. The emotions are intense. The post production reassurance is all about acceptance and value as a person. They talk a lot about their rules. What is okay and what is not. Who is in control, and how far do they go. Trust. Trust is better than sex.

I like this documentary.

3 thoughts on “Upside Down Sybian? Better Than Sex?

  1. Mrs Fever

    Interesting. That company doesn’t have a great reputation.

    I’ve read quite a few reviews of this film, but haven’t watched it; generally, the post-view reaction people have is somewhere between “Whaaa…?” and “This is total bullshit.”

    So I’m kind of surprised you liked it.

    Then again, it’s supposed to be a documentary about a company, and odds are, you knew that going in. So if you’re watching it to learn about BDSM, or even the acting in BDSM porn, it’s the wrong mindset. Knowing you’re watching a movie about a company that makes movies… Well, that’s a whole nother thing, eh?

    I’ve been on a Sybian. No clue how or why anyone would use it (or be ABLE to use it) upside down.

    *scratching head*

    Trust is better than sex… Maybe. It definitely enhances sex. But I need more than trust to bring me to orgasm. 😉

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    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      Yes, it’s a documentary about a company and the individuals who run that company. The same is true for any lifestyle/philosophy. If I say swingers have this mindset, it implies that I’m speaking for all swingers. If I say I’m a swinger and this is my viewpoint, I’m speaking for myself not everybody. It’s a very important distinction. They are talking about THAT company.

      Early on they show a woman shackled upside down and they lower a sybian to her. It’s one of those oookaaayyy moments.

      Near the end one of the directors and the doms are giving reassurances to a sub after the scene is over. It has the feel of a post coital cuddle, and the director says it’s better than sex. Upon hearing the line my reaction was, “That isn’t better than sex. It *IS* sex, or at least a part of sex”.

      The part of it that might be jarring for some is that you have employers trying to decide if the models are into the scene because they like the money or because they like the activity. I get the impression that the producers and directors want people who truly enjoy what they’re doing and that they know exactly what that will be. They don’t want to really victimize anybody. Since I’m not a part of that scene I will have a somewhat different vantage point than someone who is. I was curious about others reactions to it.

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