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No More Ice Cubes For Me

Are we there Yet? Are we done yet? Ghosts of Mars. Not a fan of rap. I didn’t mind his acting though. And I’m not talking about him anyway.

Nope, It’s definitely going to be tetrahedrons and hemicylinders, and maybe a few rectangular solids. I like ice. I like A LOT of ice in my cold drinks. And I tend to reuse bottles. Regular cubes and trapezoidal solids just don’t fit through the necks of thermos bottles and beverage bottles. These other shapes do. I also have a tray that makes cylinders, but to get them out you have to run hot water on the bottom and sides until it loosens up. And if you put them back in the freezer right away they all stick together. I found some trays at Blains that have the cylinders on their sides so that the other side is open. You get half-cylinders that way, and they’re easy to get out. I also have two trays that produce long rectangles and they’re made of silicon so they’re very flexible. Tetrahedrons are pyramid shaped and quite small. Very convenient except you have to use a ton of them to fill a bottle. I used to fill the bottles a little less than half full then freeze them on their side. It takes a while for those to cool the drink. They last a long time though. Using various sticks I can get the bottle to cool the contents fast and still keep them cold for awhile too.