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EW GROSS! Why did I do that?

The other day I was browsing through Youtube and I noticed a large number of videos that warned of graphic scenes. Now the expression curiosity killed the cat should have popped into my head. It didn’t, and I entered just one word in the search field. GROSS, and you should have seen the videos that showed up from THAT search.

Actually you shouldn’t.

Maybe I should stick to watching cat videos, here pussy pussy.

And that reminds me of wintergreen lozenges. Yes, I am odd.

My vehicle broke down earlier in the week, and the place I had work on it had those pink wintergreen lozenges. I do so like eating pink things.


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fronder, Are You Listening Fern?

I have Mulberry trees. I have been trying to kill them for years. They’re very tough. I wish the plants I wanted to grow would be so hard to kill. Lately I’ve been using a mix of white vinegar, salt, and just a bit of dish detergent. And I nuke it until it’s almost boiling. It’s been stressing them. Everything that gets even a little bit of overspray dies. However it is supposed to be more environmentally friendly and the ingredients are cheap, so I’ll keep trying to kill them. I did ruin one sprayer that couldn’t take the mix of heat and temp. It bulged way out but didn’t spray. I know SOME of my readers will chuckle at that. Greg and Lou have been busy posting this summer. I have kept up watching, and I have been linking on Facebook. I just haven’t been over here as much. I posted Toxins and Toxins outtakes earlier. This one cracks me up.

and on SNL last week there was a parody of Michele Bachman and John Boehner. It’s actually the first time I’ve listened to Miley Cyrus sing. The parody was hilarious.