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How to Watch TV

Many years ago Mortimer Adler wrote a tome titled “How To Read A Book.” It’s an excellent read, and I like Mortimer Adler. Technology does change things once in a while. https://www.yahoo.com/tech/this-book-uses-facial-recognition-to-judge-whether-109975974319.html

I used to read quite a lot, but technology changes some things. One of Dr Adler’s points is that reading shouldn’t be sedentary. It should be active. Obviously it’s not physically active like aerobics, but you are mentally active and attentive. You don’t “Veg Out” reading. You do get that effect from TV though. Watching TV is passive, you veg out.


You don’t have to be a couch potato. Get a chair like this one.

I think I can hear a TV in the background.

Happy April Fools Day!
“When April Showers She Never Closes the Curtains” Spike Jones


I Don’t Sleep With Someone Just Because They’re Not As Bad As Hitler

Sure, OUTside.

At what point did it seem like a good idea to set the patient on fire.

There are hookers playing horseshoes in the backyard {not SIC}

There’s a burglar taking a shower

I broke into this house, took a shower, now the owners are home and I’m scared to come out.

What do the above comments have in common? First of all they’re hilarious. And they were all on TV.

I don’t sleep with someone… was Cameron on House.

Sure, outside. was from Barney Miller and the context was, a gun/weapons collector is burglarized and his collection stolen. Weird weapons get used around the city and a bank robber uses a bazooka to rob a bank. They don’t believe it’s a real bazooka. He shoots and the back blast knocks out all the windows. The perp is talking to Wojo and says, I had no idea it would be so loud. Did you ever shoot one of those? Wojo replies, yeah in Vietnam. Perp says, sure outside. {that line caught me off-guard and with expressions and all, I consider it to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard on TV}

… on fire, from House again. The team uses a defibrillator on a patient in an O2 atmos.

Hookers, paraphrased from a 911 call segment on Leno. I looked for a clip but couldn’t find one. Drunk guy calls 911 about people in his backyard playing horseshoes and not being willing to leave. Operator asks him if he knows who they are. He says Hookers. Operator tells cop, cop calls back and tells operator the people behind the caller are named Hooker. I think this is probably the second funniest thing I’ve ever heard on TV.

Shower stuff, more 911 from Leno.

No, I don’t sit around watching TV all day. It took decades to amass that list. I was having a discussion with someone about bias in broadcasting. My point was that there will always be filtering because you can’t absorb everything. Even with all the avenues of expression out there, not everything gets highlighted. That’s a good thing because there is an awful lot of bad entertainment out there. Cable TV killed standup because you didn’t have to be funny to get air time. And what I found really annoying were people who thought swearing equaled funny. There has to be a joke in there SOMEWHERE.

This guy doesn’t swear, but he’s funny and even he has trouble not laughing.