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It hurts.




A variety of thoughts impinge on my consciousness. Why hurt people. What possible joy can there be in making someone miserable. What is the appropriate reaction to witnessing someone taking pleasure in someone’s misery.

I don’t know if these are really questions or are they rhetorical? I was watching a documentary on the Holocaust. The Russian Army wasn’t warned about what they would find in the camps. They saw the survivors. The documentary showed the stern faces of Russian soldiers looking at the piles of belongings including children’s clothing. And those soldiers were resolute about punishing the Nazis.

I would agree that the Nazis deserved the same treatment they gave the Jews. I just wouldn’t be very good at doing it. I’ve seen news stories about people raping and killing kids. I’ve heard other people talk about what those people deserve. I would be terrible at torturing someone, even if I thought they deserved it. My sense of compassion would kick in and I’d put a bullet in their head. I can understand that. Intentionally inflicting pain and suffering is totally different. I don’t understand that. I just don’t “Get” it. I am reminded of Dennis Rader, the BTK killer. He was killing people in Wichita quite a number of years ago. He stopped for several years too. He stopped killing when he became a code enforcement officer. As a petty bureaucrat he could be a real asshole to people, and they basically had to take it. When I observe some petty bureaucrat acting like a little Hitler, that is exactly what I wonder. Would that person be a serial killer if they didn’t have that job?

If so, I hope they cross paths with someone equally cruel.

And Dexter was far kinder than a lot of real life serial killers. One swift stab to the heart is far more kind than the death of a thousand cuts. Incidentally, a documentary I saw about that said that they gave the victims drugs to heighten their senses so they could feel the cuts that much more intensely.

Even if someone deserves it, I really don’t want to watch.