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Tap That Router And Die, You’re Screwed

To properly construct a pun one must follow a thread.

I bought a new router Thursday. My computer and streaming devices work much better now. I would do a happy dance, but I can’t tap.

The wind knocked some of my tree limbs down. I spent part of the day outside with a cordless sawzall cutting it up. It’s not a tool I use often, but man is it nice when I need it. Sometimes the right tool reciprocates. I suppose some might use a chain saw. I’m not going to link to that. I can’t get my teeth into it.

Last week I was in the sun quite a bit. I wore my grandfathers hat. It’s kind of a weird looking hat. My grandfather died before I was born. In pictures he’s always smiling and looks kind of like Jed Clampett. My grandmother I remember quite well. All the pictures of her show her scowling. That’s pretty close to how I remember her too. She was tall, stocky, and built like a football player. She had 12 kids, 4 of which were 2 sets of twins. Grandpa must’ve been quite a guy. I do think about getting a new hat sometimes.