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A Scuzzy MFM, Drivin’ Hard

That means different things to different people.


If you’re old enough and geeky enough, you might think I’m talking about ancient history as it pertains to PCs. MFM was a type of computer hard drive. I think they topped out about 33MEG, at least that was the most that DOS3.3 and older would support. Scuzzy was the homophone of SCSI, and was a type of hard drive that could be daisy chained together.



Would you use the homophone of a scuzzy MFM daisy chain? Wrong number? Does the language trigger thoughts of a kinky cell phone call with sticky buttons? Maybe butt dialing phone sex?

Can you hear me now?

Which is worse, when people stare because you’re different, or when people avoid looking at you because you’re really different?

I really don’t know what triggered this post, and it was tough to find some kind of link to add. This will do. There’s some dialog after the song.