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A Rose by any Other Name

What is a name, it is not hand nor foot nor any other part belonging to a man.

What part do you suppose she’s talking about?

Kate Winslet is hot. {Rose on Titanic}

Bette Midler is hot {at least to guys my age} {star of the movie The Rose}

Pete Rose, I wouldn’t bet on it. {Cmon people, it’s a joke. He didn’t get into the hall of fame because he gambled on baseball games.}

Emily Rose, A demon fuck would be interesting, but I wouldn’t sell my soul for it. Those demons can really twist into some kinky positions.

There are probably lots of pubs with the word rose in the name. I used to drink Guinness Stout once in a while. I still like the taste but even a little bit will give me a pounding headache. There was a tavern here that would make a layered drink with Guinness on the bottom and a light lager on top.

Tom Lehrer used to sing a song called Masochism Tango and he talked about her holding a rose in her teeth with the thorns underneath. {he has a collection of articles that refer to him as the late Tom Lehrer, but last I heard he was still alive. If you enjoyed the songs on “The Electric Company” as a kid, you were listening to Tom.}