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Birds, Bees, and WASPLEG

Religion and politics are subjects so full of landmines that it is very easy to get blasted. This guy knows that. I don’t know who the guy lip syncing is, but I heard the track many years ago on Dr Demento.

Okay, well that didn’t come out quite like I intended, but I’m going to leave it in. The track I wanted is about a minute and a half. That says 4 minutes. Anyway, Polite conversation used to avoid those topics in order to stay polite. People say our society has gotten less polite. It certainly has on the political side of things. That actually is linguistically an oxymoron. The word politic used to mean being able to disagree with politeness. And that phrase could be interpreted a couple of different ways. Do I disagree and remain polite or do I disagree with people telling me to be polite. And so enters the RFRA, Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

My sin is better than your sin. I’ve had that conversation a number of times. Catholics have the seven deadly sins. These will get you to Hell not Purgatory, WASPLEG, Wrath Avarice Sloth Pride Lust Envy Gluttony. I’m not a Catholic. I think most other Christian religions consider sin as sin all sin is abhorrent to God, but all sin except unbelief is forgivable. Dying in unbelief is what I was taught was unforgivable.

That said, I’m going to take it a step further than that interview or TYT did. Being LGBT is worse than adultery, worse than not honoring your mother and father, is it worse than murder? The people that consider it worse than adultery and disrespect might be in that group that also considers abortion to be murder. There have been abortion doctors killed and clinics bombed. I’m not saying all prolife advocates want to kill doctors and bomb clinics. I’m not saying all prolifers consider abortion murder. But some do. Do we allow the RFRA to let people refuse service to abortion doctors? That is not a trivial issue. The flip side has been in court. Do we allow pharmacists to refuse to fill scripts for birth control pills? That HAS happened, and gone to court. There is not always another pharmacy to go to in rural areas. So far I don’t think I’ve advocated either side, but the pharmacy issue has been in the courts in the past and it is not being attached to RFRA issues now being argued. I think it should be a part of those discussions.

Now I’ve got to go buy a new router. Mine is getting flaky.


Rites of the Accused

I’m going to get a little political now. If you don’t get offended HEY WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?

People who have read my stuff know that I like word games, crosswords, puns and the like. And I have strong views on just about everything. I consider myself to be a bleeding heart Liberal. Some of the people I talk politics to wouldn’t really agree with that. People on the left or right generally consider me to to be on the wrong.

On the issue of guns, I own some. I grew up hunting and fishing a lot. That was called wanting to eat something other than vegetables. It IS after Lent, so I can ask “What do you mean fish isn’t meat?” And please don’t talk to me about killing to eat. We also grew lots and lots of plants. They were alive. I suspect they knew they were alive. Some of them can have an attitude, just ask any Kudzu farmer. For hunting I did use a 410 or 20 gauge. They were lightweight, if you’re walking a cornfield it makes a difference. I usually had 6 shells with me. Most of the time if I did fire a shot I was attempting to hit what I was shooting at. That leads to an extremely good point. Gun control is shooting what you want to shoot. That doesn’t happen a surprising amount of time. My dad was really REALLY strict when it came to gun safety. He cautioned me about hunting with others. He hit the bullseye with that one. A lot of people are not careful. I have learned that even when I go to a shooting range, I watch before I get out of my vehicle. Dick Chaney was the second sitting vice president to shoot somebody. Aaron Burr was the first. He was using a 28 gauge to hunt quail. And Quayle wasn’t even VP then.

As a word enthusiast I take issue with people that say stupid shit. It might seem trivial, but that was one the most grating aspects of W. Biden says a lot of stupid shit, but liberals don’t go into linguistic pretzels defending him. Sarah Palin recently made a comment about waterboarding being the way we baptize terrorists. Steve King {unfortunately from Iowa} compared the treatment of prisoners at abu Ghraib to fraternity hazing. Yes, their intent was to insult bleeding heart liberals. They insult others through sheer ignorance and arrogance. Baptism is a sacred rite of Christianity. Different Christians have their own ideas of the importance of it, but I consider her statement as denigrating the importance of it. Steve King’s comment should really piss off anybody that has lost a loved one to fraternity or sorority hazing. If he intended to equate the guards actions with illegal and sometimes fatal activities I wouldn’t have a problem with the statement. I don’t think it was intended that way. The real problem I have with both of those statements is that they are rites of INITIATION. People experience Baptism and hazing initiations because THEY ARE JOINING THE GROUP DOING IT. That is not an insignificant point.

A candidate from Iowa is running an ad boasting about castrating pigs. I’m not going to link to it. If you want to see it, search for it. I will link to this.

I guess I won’t link to anything. I could’ve sworn that Weird Al had a parody called “The Way You Make Me Squeal.” I know I heard it on Dr Demento, but I haven’t been having much luck with music lately.