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Rant Time

Sometimes ya just gotta vent. Makes me wonder why I read the news. And that’s another rant, why must some sites insist on playing videos? I prefer to READ the news, don’t start playing clips right away, especially multiple clips simultaneously, are you listening ABCnews?


Really believe in treating your employees well huh. Loyalty and respect work both ways.


You’re really concerned with the constitutional rights of a nine year old. And talk to Brooke Shields about the racism complaint, I’m sure she never got any flak for Blue Lagoon or her other early movies.


Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it, it’s the girls fault obviously. You know some people say these Islamists want to turn back the clock 1000 years. No, a thousand years ago they were more tolerant than Europe. That’s like claiming the custom of firing guns into the air to celebrate a wedding has always been there. No it wasn’t, what did they do before guns were invented, and full auto guns have only been around a little over 100 years.


You know what the kicker is on this story? One word, CAPTURE, he wasn’t captured he was killed. They don’t have to pay.

Okay, enough rant, AB tells me I need to get laid. {she’s not here though, maybe I’ll jack off instead. It’s the thought that counts} In any case I’ll be funny next post, I won’t mention any black helicopters or conspiracy theories.