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Polemic – Pole Him Ick, Politician Wants Man Date

Sounds dreadful. You know if you give the politician a mandate, he will want to screw the public. He’ll expect it. It’s what you do on a man date.

Whatever your political stripes, that probably is how you perceive the people that disagree with you. I could’ve trashed elected officials. Would you REALLY want me to talk about the In Cum Bunts? I suppose there must be some baseball analogy, but how often do you get a home run from a bunt?

I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole. Do I even HAVE a ten foot pole, you ask. No, I do not. At one point I had a nine foot pole, but someone stole it. I could get angry about that and deliver a Pole mimic. Lech Walesa comes to mind. He’s a real Pole, not a Pole Mimic. He’s isn’t tremendously tall either.

I don’t think Vladimir Putin is very tall either. His name would be easy to make fun of, I could Put In a joke, but I think I’ll use a video instead. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV4IjHz2yIo

I was just thinking about my rocket science post a few days ago. This video is physics, but it’s fun.