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Monday, Tuesday, WTF

If Saturday and Sunday are the weekend why does the calendar start on Sunday? If God rested on the seventh day shouldn’t most Christian calendars start on Monday?

Do you really forgive those who sin/trespass against you?

Do you really eat bread every day?

What do you want? Why are you here? What really matters?

Do you value your possessions? If your house were on fire and you had a bag of paper currency would you run back in to get it? Would you send your dog back in to get it? Fetch the bag of money boy. Go get it! Is your dog going to run back in and get the bag of money?

Maybe it’s all just part of life. To quote Marvin the Paranoid Android, “Life. Don’t talk to me about life.” Who is more wrong the person who aimlessly meanders through life or the person obsessed by fixations.

1000 years from now who is going to know your name or anything about you. I didn’t put a question mark after that. A Nazi died in Syria a few years ago. He was 98. If he had been arrested when he was 97 should he have been sent to prison? What good what that do. Would that really provide any closure to anybody. I’m skeptical that locking him up would’ve done anybody any good. That said, if he acknowledged what he did. If he cleared up unknowns, would that do any good? Perhaps. Would his victims forgive him? Would God forgive him? That would be for God to decide, not me.

Did Bill Cosby rape anybody? Should he be tried? Should he be sued? There are a lot of things I like about Bill Cosby. This isn’t one of them. When he rants about young people acting in ways that strengthen stereotypes I think he makes a good point. If you don’t like a stereotype don’t encourage people that act that way. Do I think he’s guilty? I also look at the motives of his accusers. Are they attempting to get money from him? Do they want him sent to prison? Do they want to be believed? Do they want him to acknowledge wrongdoing? When he or his representatives say that these accusations are decades old that’s sidestepping the question. Nazi war crimes happened before that and we don’t ignore them. If the statute of limitations runs out, he won’t be facing criminal charges. I don’t think that applies to lawsuits though. And it certainly doesn’t apply to closure. Closure can be a tricky thing. Do you get closure if he dies of old age? Do you have closure if he denies wrongdoing on his deathbed?

IS YOUR CLOSURE DEPENDENT ON HIS ACTIONS? If so, you lose. You have given up control over your own life. Your happiness becomes dependent on others. You are not self actualizing.

Most people aren’t. I suspect most people are probably not happy with life in general.

Is ignorance bliss?

You decide.



For Real?

Are you sure you’re real? Sometimes I think that I’ll wake up, it’ll be November 1985, and all the intervening time will have been a dream a la Who Shot JR.

Thankfully I haven’t had one of those dreams in a long long time. But dreams do have the capability of compressing time. I had a dream about a turnip that seemed like it lasted over 12 hours, but when I woke up only 20 minutes had elapsed. That was no ordinary turnip either.

For real!

In Re: AL = REAL

Now AI would be artificial intelligence. So AL is Artificial Life?

Could be.

Assisted Life?

That really doesn’t sound fun.

Assisted Lesbians?

Well that sounds like a whole lot more fun, but if they wanted MY assistance they would be Bi and not lesbian.

AL, hm, … Al?

Could be

Albert Camus?

Well that’s rather an existential question isn’t it. I tried reading L’Etranger during or after high school. I found it easier to read “The Stranger”. Easier to read, but still unfathomable. Speakings of fathoms, I would call that going off the deep end. I didn’t really get existentialism then. A meaningless existence, descriptive not a goal, I got that it was meaningless, I didn’t get that it was a condemnation of shallow materialism and banal relationships. Relationships can be the bane of one’s existence. An example, http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/04/19/there-is-absolutely-zero-chance-shell-agree-to-a-second-date-with-this-guy-except-maybe-in-a-courtroom/

Camus deplored that lack of concern that the ordinary person showed towards the Nazi occupation of France. Mostly in terms of the Vichy government passing laws against Jews and nobody except the Jews cared. April 20 is Hitler’s birthday. Neonazi groups like to do stuff on that day. 420 is also a number associated with pot use. One can hope that the Nazis get stoned enough to not do anything, and average Joe stays clear headed enough to notice if they do try something.