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Big Red Dildo, BBS, URL

Big Red, chewing gum? out of control high school football team?

Big Red Dildo — MMA punching bag. I thought it might be useful and help me burn a few calories. I wanted a freestanding one, not one hanging from a hook. It has water in the base to hold it upright and the upper part is filled with air. To me it looks like a 5 foot red dildo. I would put a picture here but that would show how cluttered my house is.

BBS, Bulletin Board System, precursor to the internet. Individual computer hooked to phone lines which users call using a phone modem. The movie “Wargames” has a kid who gets access to military computers. He thinks he’s playing a simulation game, but it’s real nukes. He uses an autodialer to call businesses that have multiple phones with the same prefixes. You call after hours and the dialer increments until it hits a data line. Then you have to guess a user name and password. A surprising number of people/companies don’t erase initial usernames. You guess them first.

Sysop, Systems Operator, the owner/manager of a BBS. This is the person who pays the phone bill and grants access. If you had e-mail especially prior to 1990, it was either at a private BBS or on Compuserve. Your “Browser” wasn’t called a browser, it was Comm software. Their site was a Board, most comm software would allow you to put your computer in “Host” mode. That essentially turned it into a BBS. Most BBSes ran software specifically designed for hosting though. One of the most common was “PCBoard”. Because it was common it was targeted by hackers. If you don’t want to have to worry about viruses or hackers, use an unpopular operating system. Or get a sandbox, that’s a virtual computer. Beware of where you get a sandbox, sandboxes are popular with the people that write viruses.

Ascii or Ansi art, early computer graphics {if you want to call it that} using characters to create a picture, like a mosaic. Nudes were the most common that I saw, maybe I was biased. Files that were in Ascii could be read by any wordprocessor. Later they would have the TXT extension.

URL, You Are what? *L* what’s that? *L* is the precursor of LOL, but that has nothing to do with URL. URL is a web address, that is not to be confused with UHF which is a TV band and a movie by Weird Al.

Dildo, Is actually spelled dill-dough and is the batter used to make deep fried pickles.

Master-bait, something to attract fish. An expert Angler is also a master-baiter.

Any Questions?