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Lesdyksia, Bandb, and “What?!? Another Parent Teacher Conference

I’m a crossword and comics enthusiast. I like the New York Times crossword, occasionally I’ll do the USA Today puzzle. I don’t like rebus puzzles. My spelling is what usually trips me up on the more difficult puzzles. And you learn all sorts of new words that you will never use outside of a puzzle, adit, snee, epee, ewer, aglet come readily to mind. It took me awhile to figure out another common phenom of puzzles, Bandb, Randr, and Atoz. A coworker also used to be a crossword enthusiast and those three tripped him up too. We started referring to them as Aayy Ta Zz. A to Z, B and B, R and R. Lesdyksia? How else would someone spell Dyslexia? My mom has shared stories of what I was like when I first started going to school. I remember having trouble distinguishing left and right. I didn’t remember that I carried that confusion over to writing. I didn’t reverse characters like the toy store does, but I would sometimes write left to right, sometimes right to left, and for a while I really gave the teacher fits because I would start in the upper left and when I reached the right margin I would drop down a line and write the next line right to left until I reached the left margin, drop down and go left to right again. It must’ve been an efficiency thing, why waste time going back to the left margin every time? One of my favorite strips is Calvin and Hobbes. Sometimes you feel empathy with Calvin, sometimes you pity his parents. Calvin raises his hand, the teacher calls on him, next panel, Calvin says, “Shouldn’t the penalty for murder be reduced in cases of cannibalism since it’s less wasteful?” Final panel shows Calvin at home giving his mother a note from the teacher, she says, “What?!? Another parent teacher conference?”

My spellcheck has been kind of glitchy lately so I’ve taken to leaving a Yahoo window open on the taskbar. I can type something close in the search bar and it will prompt me with possible searches. It works pretty well when I don’t want to use the spellcheck. But when I click on one of those possible searches I use Open in a new tab. While writing this I looked up how to spell dyslexia. I didn’t right click it, I left clicked it and I didn’t have a draft saved from this post. I saw it start loading and I really quickly clicked save draft. I got it! I didn’t have to retype the whole thing. Such is the Life Of Wild, recklessly clicking with wild abandon. A few weeks ago one of my female coworkers was getting ready to punch out to go home. One of my duties is to lock the gates. I usually wait for people to leave before I do that. There’s always one gate open, but closing the others forces traffic to go out the one way. Without giving it any thought I asked her, “Do you prefer the front way or the back way?” She got this really strange expression on her face and said, “I beg your pardon?” I really hadn’t given my choice of words any thought, but her expression didn’t leave any doubt that we were on different channels. I said, “I’m closing the gates, which way do you go out of the parking lot?” She laughed then so no offense taken. Gee, I wonder what she was thinking? She preferred the back way 😉 And then you really have to be careful about lesdyksia.

Hm, I did have to put the tags back in.