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An Aria for Karma? Habanero? Sounds Spicy

Now if it was Carmen that would be Habanera. I watch Family Guy too.

But Karma is only a bitch if you are. I was reminded of that yesterday at work. I was talking with someone about a particular supervisor. She reminds me of Dennis Rader in some ways. Nice as pie to your face, but let something go wrong and it’s the night of long knives. I was reminded of one particular incident where someone who had some attendance issues didn’t call in. She was gleeful about being able to list him as AWOL. Yeah, he was AWOL. He was DEAD lying on his basement floor. No he didn’t call in and get prior approval. Don’t talk to me bitch, I don’t even want to know what Karma has in store for you.

He died over 10 years ago, but where I work there are a lot of long term employees. I don’t know if he died then fell down the stairs, or if he fell down the stairs then died. But they didn’t find him for like 3 days. AND HE DIDN’T CALL IN FOR ANY OF THEM! And he wasn’t like Jesus and show up for work after being dead three days.

I feel better after that rant.