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My but There Are A Lot Of Nudists on Earth

The percentages go WAY down if you limit consideration to just humans.

The only other species I can think of would be hermit-crabs. They don’t grow their own shell but use the shells of others.

When one considers the drive to mate it seems really odd that humans would consider covering up with adornments as sexy.

Some animals use materials to help cool off or to prevent parasites from digging in, but can you imagine a hippo or elephant asking, “Does this mud make me look fat?”

Yes, humans are strange. bukkakeru is a method of cooking noodles by splashing water on them. Similar words have fewer carbs than pasta. In watching Japanese films with subtitles I have noticed that I would tend to mispronounce names. “X Games”, “Cold Fish”, “Grudge”, and some others come to mind. I had been pronouncing bukkake as boo-cocky. In some films I had heard it pronounced buck-ka-kay. Wiki actually lists both pronunciations, but the audio clip uses something closer to the former. It depends on how you stress and separate the syllables. How stressful can it be to make noodles?

I’m not going to link to anything here. You have to find it for yourself.