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Deuces Wild, I see your One-Eyed Jack and Raise You a Queen

I follow a few blogs at various, not many, and not as many as I used to. And just because… I don’t think trademarking a common word should be allowed, so I won’t capitalize it and you can’t prove I wasn’t just using a word wit baad grammmur HA!

Okay, I was reading the blog of my friend that I’ve never met and who probably doesn’t like me, and I noticed a rather humorous statement that I simply could NOT let slip by. Paraphrasing what he wrote, he wanted to bed a royal at some point. He would be willing to go down to a Baroness, but he would prefer a Princess or Queen. Now this is on an adult dating site, one that also advertises itself as a swinger site. Get where I’m going? I commented to him that I had complete confidence in his ability to find a Queen there.

He had some other points in his post and I made quips about those too. And this was one of those rare occurrences where he did actually reply to me. But he didn’t reply to the Queen quip. It was said in fun, I’m sure he realizes that. I don’t get the impression that he dislikes me. I think he’s mostly just ambivalent. It is fun to try and get a reaction though. One time he wrote an entire post as a reply to my comments. I commented on that one too.

Time for work, gotta go, maybe I’ll have a hose story to tell.


1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,… The Amazing Karnak!

Placing envelope next to turban,
Prediction, I’ve never seen anything quite like that before.

Opens envelope, Things the Dr says that can make you really worry.

The joke was mine, the caricature was Johnny Carson’s. I watched Johnny for a lot of years until Jay took over. One of the things I liked about Johnny was his having Guest Hosts on whenever he went on vacation. It gave you a sample of other styles.

In math class we learned about the Fibonacci numbers. Whoa, non sequitur, how did we get there? The Carson act was called the “Amazing Carnac”, the Fibonacci sequence was used in the contruction of the Temple of Karnak in ancient Egypt. And Queen Nefertiti died from a toothache. There’s a lot of stuff spellcheck didn’t like, but it was okay with Nefertiti. I wonder how it will feel about the lake at the highest elevation on the planet. I like saying this one, it makes me think lascivious thoughts, not like I wouldn’t think this way without added reason. It is Lake Titicaca. I wrote this draft a while back, checking it now I realize I need to be clear. When I think of Titicaca, I think of titty-cock-uh what do you want to do next? Shoo you scat people, except Mr. Cruthers and Ella F..

Wiki says I’m wrong, the sequence is related to the Golden Ratio, but not to the Egyptians. Maybe so, I do sometimes make mistakes.

I’ll probably have a dream about doing Titicaca to Nefertiti now. I’m saving it as a draft, so I’ll let you know.

Nope, didn’t dream about Nefertiti. Do have a toothache now though. Actually not the tooth itself, a chip broke off and a jagged edge is irritating my lip.

I should check Netflix and Hulu, I wonder if Johnny is on either. I miss watching him. I like Jay, I like Jimmy Fallon too, not too crazy about Conan. Used to watch Letterman long ago. Watched his monologue after Palin kicked up a fuss. To me it was obvious that the joke she took offense to was not aimed at her youngest daughter. I would say that in general children should not be targets in political jokes. The difference would be if the candidate is pushing them into the spotlight or if the kid is drawing media attention to themselves. Fair or not, if you launch into a tirade because of a joke, you’re too thin skinned to be a politician. Someone will always cross the line and you might have to deal with that person later, so ignore the jokes unless you can fire back with a snappy comeback. In that sense politics is like junior high, ignore teasing {unless it escalates into bullying, gotta add that for a psa}, unless you have a snappy comeback or unless you want the teasing to get worse. They get bored if they don’t get a reaction. Physically Palin is not bad looking at all, IMO, I don’t care for the voice and I don’t like the politics though. Tina Fey is more appealing to me. Letterman did get Sonny and Cher on though.

This is Karnak,

This is Carnac,



The last two links are photos, not videos or text.

Bipolar, Kodiak Moments

Hm, let’s parse this out. Bi {I think I can figure this one out} Pole {could be a Polish person, could be a Polish person’s package, or maybe just a package} R { Are what? Bi ?!? seems redundant, have to get back to it later} Kodiak {Bear, big bear, I think it’s getting clearer. Big Bare Polish Person’s Package, and Bi, meaning two, two big bare Polish Persons’ Packages}.

Okay, who had the giggity three-way with the Eskimo and the Penguin?

Were there Polaroids involved? {That happens when your hemorrhoids get frostbite.}

This clip is from Youtube, I do have a CD with Penguin in Bondage on it. I haven’t played any of my CDs in ages. I remember it as being an instrumental about 12 minutes long. This clip was considerably shorter and had some lyrics too. Memory must be going…..What was I saying? Oh yeah, the price of memory chips is a lot less than it used to be.


Heil! Uh…. Er…. I mean Happy 420, and what about Try-Sexuals

On Family Guy they had an episode titled “Episode 420”. It was about pot. I didn’t get the reference so I goog1ed it. I guess it’s 4:20 somewhere. And that’s better than signifying the date. In addition to being close to Earth Day, April 20th was Hitler’s birthday. Probably the only people that remember that are either neo-nazis or law enforcement with the occasional historian thrown in. Family Guy refers to Hitler from time to time, including in Episode 420. I figure Seth McFarlane is probably the one who writes the song parodies. I do like the “Bag of Weed” song. Since I don’t see FG clips on youtube, they probably don’t share them. The music was from “Me Old Bamboo”, I wish I could dance like that. Lot of energy there.

Oh, almost forgot, try-sexuals, Isaac Asimov wrote “The Gods Themselves” and in it a group of aliens have three sexes instead of two. Yeah Yeah I know, I should call that TRI-sexuals then. But he has an incredibly erotic description of alien masturbation called “Rock-Rubbing”. It takes a leap of imagination to posit a third sex, a really dirty mind to picture alien masturbation, and a sicko like me to get turned on by it.

As Long As It’s Black

Actually that phrase was used to describe Model T Fords. You could buy one any color you wanted, as long as it was black. I don’t know if that entered the vernacular from an ad campaign or just people talking.

Language and imagery do reflect cultural attitudes, the whole idea of using PC expressions came about from derogatory stereotypes. It can be a matter of perception. People tell little white lies, and when they get caught they tell big black ones. Black equals bad? Not to a businessman. They want to be in the black. They like them assets. Would you want a Black and White TV, or a colored one? Pretty much every ethnic group can be described using ethnic slurs. Wops and diegos, and many more that I can’t think were all used perjoratively probably by Archie Bunker. In the days before easy transportation most people lived their entire life less than 2 days walk from where they were born. There were exceptions, Roman Soldiers, Marco Polo, etc. Since they were essentially closed communities family traits became town traits. Then later, town traits would be regional traits. Eventually it amounts to different races. Keep in mind we are still one species. Mixed race kids can turn out fine, breeding between races might create some social problems{mostly from people that can’t stand the idea.}, but biologically it’s fine. There used to be more than one SPECIES of the genus Homo. A Neanderthal man could probably force himself on a Cromagnon woman. But would he want to? Maybe Homo Erectus would be more appealing? Doubtful, IMO. There was an article recently, someone claims to have sequenced the DNA of a Sasquatch. They think some other hominid bred with modern human females 15000 years ago and thus we ended up having Sasquatch running around. Okay, who’s been doing it with the big hairy guy with really big feet?

My point is, I want to figure out how to do some rudimentary links. Rudimentary means I’m rude and a mental case. Here goes,

let’s see if it works.