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My Headlights Are Fresh and Minty

Okay not really, it’s been over a week since I used the toothpaste.

And no, I didn’t use a brush. I put the toothpaste on a rag.

Actually it was an old sock. I use old socks as rags.

I am still talking about my headlights though.

It was one of those life hacks posted on facebook. You can use toothpaste to polish the crud off headlights. Here in Iowa the roadsalt and winter crud get on the headlights and it doesn’t wipe off with windshield washer. The toothpaste works great. Some of the tips I’ve known for ages, some I’ve never heard of, a few actually work, REALLY!

Furball mentioned the tip of using coffee filters to clean the windshield. It also works well on eyeglasses.

I had to replace some of those flat batteries recently.

I’m allergic to Sudaphed.

It’s not a good idea to buy watch batteries, pseudepherine, and coffee filters at the same time especially if that is all you’re getting. Maybe you have to get starting ether too. Maybe duct tape, condoms, and alcohol would be less suspicious.

Anyway I’m still here, even if I’m not posting as much.