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Hollow Points Can Be Mute

“Big winds come from empty caves.” That was what Archie’s fortune cookie said on one episode of All In The Family. I used to watch that show every week when it was first on. I haven’t watched hardly any episodes since. And that brings up a question. Do you rewatch or reread things? SPOILER ALERT! Once you’ve watched or read it, you know how it’s going to end. Even before watching the movie I knew the ship was going to sink in “Titanic.” Spoilers don’t really bother me. I can watch or read the same thing many many times and still enjoy it. It isn’t a matter of suspense for me. It’s the skill of the artist. If I hear a song that I like, I don’t think, “Wow, that was great, but I never want to hear it again.” Some people do have quite large music collections, and there might be some songs they don’t listen to OFTEN. I have a very large number of books. I don’t reread them often. On my favorites I can reread a couple of paragraphs and it reminds/rekindles the thoughts it caused so long ago. Humorists such as James Thurber and Jerome K. Jerome are better on the rereads because you appreciate the lead up to a story.

What does any of that have to do with the title? Some writers, Aristophanes and friends, are almost unknown now. Is a writer without readers mute? Are his points hollow? Do they echo in the intellectual void?

There’s always some crazy person out there who will read anything. Reading those people feels almost like a conversation. Are they my friends and do they get a touch of immortality from my affection? Eternity is not forever. If I build a time machine and go back to Dec 7,1941 my start time doesn’t matter. If I go back more than once Dec 7, 1941 will always be Dec 7, 1941. In that sense it is eternal, it doesn’t change. If I go back to 1889 and meet JKJ, he will always be there in 1889.

Does that make me sound irrational? The square root of two is irrational. It cannot be expressed as a ratio. Perhaps one could think of oneself as rational if one considered the ratio of one’s father over one’s mother or vice versa. I consider those thoughts as outside of plane Euclidean geometry. They exist, but I don’t want to think about them.

I have a small amount of hearing loss at about 1000Hz. I haven’t been to an audiologist. I know this from my own work in labs. I attribute that hearing loss to many years of hunting. It’s a moot point to wear muting devices when hunting. At least it is for small game hunting. It’s much harder to find game if you can’t hear them. And it is hard to be quiet when you can’t tell how much noise you are making. Some states will let you use a silencer when hunting. You could use muted hollow points then. I recently discovered something. I target practice with an air pistol in my basement. I went to get more pellets and lo and behold they had hollow point pellets! I had never seen those before. I test fired the hollow points to compare them to flat tipped and pointed pellets. I was surprised at the amount of expansion. Safety first, loose cloth makes a pretty good backstop especially with multiple layers. To see expansion the pellet has to hit something somewhat hard like wood, but the wood can be angled into a backstop.

You never know where I’m headed do you?