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The Immortality Elixir Will Take Forever To Test

Step one is to get rid of any toxins you might have floating around in your body.

What is it?
Is it a vitamin? NO!
Is it a mineral? No!
Is it a protein supplement?

Well, …., maybe.

Life continues because of protein. Some protein mixes with other protein and bingo! more life! Making a protein shake might give the wrist a bit of a workout, but isn’t that flavor worth it? And it’s good cardiovascular exercise too. On that you can bet a buk {sic} okaay.

How do you pacify someone like that? With a little nuki of course.

Ya gotta love those lyrics, “Nuki, Nuki, Nuki, How I love my Nuki! Sweeter than a cookie, I’ll share it if you are my friend.”


Nose Diaper or Nose Tampon

Who knows the nose? Many years ago I met a physics professor. He was a very interesting and entertaining fellow. He was professor emeritus when I started college in 1978. When starting the subject of thermodynamics he would say, “Cold is faster than hot. Anybody can catch a cold, but nobody catches a hot.” Yesterday was miserable. My nose was a constant drip drip drip of clear watery liquid. I was constantly reaching for a tissue. Blowing did no good. I debated alternatives. For a bloody nose I have used a piece of tissue twisted up to make a “Nose Tampon” I didn’t really want to do that for a runny nose. In the movie “Strange Brew” they use bullets for the nose tampons. That wouldn’t fly at work. Hm, what would make a good nose maxipad or nose diaper?

Today I feel better, at least so far. TGID. Thank God It’s Dyphenhydramine. I’m allergic to Sudafed. I’ll be tired but dry.

I’m getting used to the keyboard on my laptop now. Still not quite there with the touchpad. I reach for the mouse all the time. I might end up plugging a mouse in when I play games. That’s when the touchpad is the most inconvenient. Also I have a tendency to migrate off the touchpad area, then I’m tapping the space below the keyboard not on the touchpad. I’m usually getting frustrated by the system not responding when I notice that.