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4 into 3? Thanks For All The Fish, FISH FISH FISH FISH FISH

The snow is rapidly disappearing here. The local rivers are free from ice, but some of the ponds and small lakes still have ice. I saw an ice fisherman earlier in the week. Not only risky because of thinning ice it is also a challenge for one’s balance since there was water on top the ice

It’s Pi day! I had forgotten that until I saw my messages. Call me crazy but Pi is irrational.

Not expressible as a ratio, rationality is all about fractions. It’s not about fractures or fractals. It is about how many fifths you need for a party. Will you play quarters? Do you use half&half with a White Russian?
Is that B52 held together with Rusty Nails?

That last one wasn’t a fraction you say. No it wasn’t. Too smart for school makes you a lonely fish with no groupers. I can’t think of any fish drinks. So, why the title then?

Icky the ichthyologist was reading Douglas Adams while watching Red Dwarf.

Four book trilogy followed by the cat at a food dispenser.

And it actually has rained fish but no confidence and paranoia.


That’s Crazy Talk {!?!}

I have a friend that I’ve never met, actually I have several. I use the term friend loosely because I don’t know if he likes me or just tolerates me. But look how many friends some people have on Facebook, do you even know that many people? I borrowed the last half of that from Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin makes a whole bunch of little snowmen, each one is supposed to represent someone he doesn’t like that way he can stomp on them to relieve tension. Hobbes looks out over the multitude of snowmen, and says “Do you even know this many people?”

And we get on Teo’s case about an imaginary girlfriend, remember “George Glass” from the Brady Bunch?

Anyway, Deuce wrote a post that triggered some thoughts. I don’t usually quote somebody directly unless they are in the public domain. But here goes, Deuce wrote: QUOTE

Speaking of which one time my gal pal said to me “Careful , if you drink out of my bottle you might get my germs .” Seems like an odd thing to say to someone who just had their tongue up your butt . I don’t know why I like rimming so much , but I do . Still I should stop – no good can come from it healthwise . Of course the same is true of most things sexwise . Stupid sex being unhealthsome .
The mind reels with a multitude of possible comments. I’ve seen people who didn’t want to use a partner’s silverware to “Try a bite”, I’ve seen people be squeamish about picking up a person’s chewing gum after commenting how hot that person was, and lot’s of people don’t want to use a partner’s toothbrush.

Think that’s crazy? People are irrational. What, I’m not irrational you say. I put this in the Pythagoras category because irrational means not rational. Rational means expressible as a ratio. Ratios are fractions. How many people like doing fractions? Okay, here’s a math problem. Joe has 1/5, John offers to multiply it by three if Joe invites his girlfriend over. What do they have? Answer: A drunken threesome, at 1/5 each that’s a lot of booze.

Math doesn’t need to be hard, but mathematicians do.

From Wiki QUOTE
In 458 BC, he returned to Sicily for the last time, visiting the city of Gela where he died in 456 or 455 BC. It is claimed that he was killed by a tortoise that fell out of the sky when dropped by an eagle; however, this story is very likely apocryphal.[19] Aeschylus’s work was so respected by the Athenians that after his death, his were the only tragedies allowed to be restaged in subsequent competitions.[11] His sons Euphorion and Euæon and his nephew Philocles also become playwrights.[11]

The inscription on Aeschylus’s gravestone makes no mention of his theatrical renown, commemorating only his military achievements:

I think tortoises are strictly land animals and turtles venture back and forth. Makes you wonder what the person was drinking when they saw {or thought up} that.

He died during the 143rd Olympiad (208–204 BC) at the age of 73.[1] Diogenes Laërtius gives two different accounts of his death.[13] In the first account, Chrysippus was seized with dizziness having drunk undiluted wine at a feast, and died soon after. In the second account, he was watching a donkey eat some figs and cried out: “Now give the donkey a drink of pure wine to wash down the figs”, whereupon he died in a fit of laughter. His nephew Aristocreon erected a statue in his honour in the Kerameikos.[14] Chrysippus was succeeded as head of the Stoic school by his pupil Zeno of Tarsus.[15]


And you thought teabagging was the worst thing to happen when drunk. And before any conservatives blow up at me, I’m talking about the previous meaning of teabagging.