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Epitaph, Where is the Cursor?

I’m right here. Language evolves, new words are formed, old words take on new meanings. My tagline, Crosswords increase your vocabulary, cross words increase your blood pressure, came to mind earlier. I bought a new computer recently. I went from a desktop to a laptop. It’s different. It takes getting used to. It has an HDMI output. I decided to try it. I have a Hulu plus account and one thing that is a bit irritating is that not everything can stream to my Blu-ray player. I can watch those on my computer though. Well if I use the HDMI from the computer I can just set the computer next to the TV and get a larger screen and a more comfortable roost. Worked really well except that I don’t have a remote for my computer. I did have to move the cursor to the far edge. It struck me that the people who never worked with technology might not know the term cursor. People that use computer technology often curse at it. Cursor, it fits! And crazy people that talk to themselves can just don a Bluetooth ala Dr House and no one thinks they’re crazy. Then my mind goes to the prurient after I see a facebook post about a computer that projects on your arm and turns on and off by sudden moves. Guys would have a terrible time watching internet porn on that. I didn’t find the same video on Youtube, but this looks kinda cool too.

Epitaph can refer to a swear word or the last word{s} on your tombstone. Funny that.