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Good Guys Penetrate

Good guy, well that would be a hero.

Penetrate, go in what else

So Hero goes In

Hero In

Heroin, not generally regarded as the same thing as above. I do enjoy wordplay. I’ve had that in the back of my head for quite a while. I was saving it for some drug related theme, but when Joel wrote Imperfect = I’m perfect. I had to post.

Mentally playing Hey Jude

R.I.P. Jack Wild 1952-2006 S&M star from the late 60’s and early 70’s

Actually that sounds like it could be a lot of fun, at least for me.

It was an actual person though. He had some of the same traits as James Best and Michael J. Fox. They all could play people quite a bit younger than they actually were. Jack was in what was probably my favorite show in 1969. I could’ve left the 19 off of there, but if you’re reading my blog you must be a perv too. I wouldn’t want you to misinterpret. He was Jimmy on H.R.Pufnstuf. The same people that wrote Pufnstuf also wrote Lidville. That storyline had a character named Teenie Weenie. I swear I’m not making that up. Teenie Weenie was a Genie. You might wonder where I’m going with that. So would I, if you figure it out let me know.

Sid and Marty Krofft did a bunch of those kind of shows. Sid and Marty, the S&M in the title. I know, that’s cheating. It does make you wonder what they were smoking. Jack was also the Artful Dodger in the movie Oliver!. It’s a good movie if you like comedies about orphans attending pick-pocket school, with some extracurricular lessons in burglary, fencing {as in stolen goods}, spousal abuse, murder, and vigilante justice. Like I said it’s a lighthearted comedy. There was a remake done in South Africa that was a bit unusual. It had subtitles in English, but only when the characters were actually speaking English. They had no subtitles when the characters were speaking whatever language is spoken in SA. I imagine it makes it easier to write English subtitles if they are speaking English. And the child criminals portrayed in the movie, were actual child criminals. They snatched a couple of purses and I can’t help wondering if the victims were acting or if the film could be called a documentary. IMDB is not real clear on that.

I seem to be meandering off topic again. Oookay, Genie with the light brown hair, no no nope, Genie with the Teenie Weenie. Wow, maybe that’s why they hired a woman for that part.

I marveled at how Jack would click his heels in air. I couldn’t do that ever. Now the character of Jimmy was stranded on the island with Witchiepoo after Freddy the flute. So he always had a yellow shirt with brown pants. Here’s a parody of it. Maybe I’ll go stare at an orange for three hours and take a trip across a citrus mountain.

Now the REALLY scary part is these characters remind me of people I know in real life. Especially the Hippie at the end.