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Not Another Turnip Dream

Actually no, I didn’t have another turnip dream. It was an unusual dream in any case. It was boring. WTF! I had a dream that I got up, went to work and had an uneventful routine day at work. I asked a shrink about dreams once, but I don’t think I mentioned the Turnip Dream. He was of the opinion that they might represent the subconscious trying to work out out some dilemma, or sometimes they can be random and not mean anything.

When you consider the commute, the time at work, etc, the average person spends the majority of their time in work related activities. I have frequently commented to coworkers that the difference between a job and a career is what would you do if you won the lottery. Most people would not opt for spending the rest of their life veging in front of the TV {or on-line blogging}, they would want something to occupy their time. That something is a career or profession. Profession in the sense of something you profess whether you charge money or not. The pictures I use here reflect what I would do. The one was taken while I was a physics major at the University of Northern Iowa and shows me adjusting items on a holography table, the other is me receiving the Governor’s Volunteer Award in 88 when I recorded books on tape for the Iowa Dept. for the Blind.

I know, I know, my tangents intersect the point I was making then proceed to infinity never intersecting again, that’s why it’s a TANGENT. The Dept always needed people to read math books, they tend to not have much of a plot, they’re boring, they have unusual words that not many people know. Geometry texts sometimes have a plot {so do cemeteries}.

There have been times when I’ve had a dream where I wake up, and it’s 1985 or 1986 and I’m still in the Army and the intervening years were a dream {probably my subconscious taking a theme from Dallas}. Thankfully it’s been quite a while since I’ve had one of those. I’m a sleepwalker too. The first time I knew I had been sleepwalking {as an adult} was while I was in Basic Training at Ft Bliss. I woke up while I was doing push-ups, my arms got tired. I became aware, but didn’t know why I was doing push-ups. I stopped at full extension, and a Drill Sergeant started yelling at me “Did I tell you to stop! Keep going!” Later I found out from my bunk-mate what I had done {I had thought my padlock on my locker was locked but it was stuck not locked}. I also talk and eat in my sleep. One time I dozed off on the couch, my wife and son were going somewhere so they went to wake me up. Apparently at first I said, “Leave me alone. Can’t you see I’m busy.” They nudged me again and said you’re not busy c’mon. I said, “I’m cooking hamburgers. I’ll let you know when they’re done.” At which point they started laughing and that woke me up. There was also one time when I woke up with dried blood all over my face. That was a little freaky. After I washed it off I found a small cut towards the front of my scalp. They bleed like crazy. Then I walked around the house looking for blood on the floor to see if I could figure out what happened. I found a spot on the upper landing where the height would’ve been right if I missed a step. My wife didn’t freak out as much as I would’ve expected, {maybe she freaked before waking me and I just didn’t realize it}. The next day at work some of my coworkers noticed the cut. After I told them about falling while sleep walking they commented bet that woke you up. Actually no it didn’t.

And that takes me back to my coworkers. A couple of weeks ago stories were going around about one coworker putting a profile on a swinger site. In terms of that I did mention to a few coworkers that what she and her husband do at home is their business. Besides for someone to find that profile means they had to be perusing that site too. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks, and if they get their rocks off everybody can see. In her profile she mentions being kinky and non-judgmental, it does make me wonder how she would define kinky if she were to read some of the posts here. It also makes me wonder how judgmental she thinks the people at work are. I would probably not mention that to her because I really don’t know her very well. And she works a different shift so I never see her. I used to see her once in a while. One of those times I was getting ready to lock the gates, and without thinking I asked her if she preferred the front way or the back way. She looked at me and said, “I beg your pardon.” Then I realized how I had said it so I rephrased it, “I’m getting ready to lock the gates. Do you prefer to leave through the front gate or the back gate?” Then she smiled.

Tangentially, my great-niece posted something cute on FB. It was supposedly from a teacher. “Yes, I can tell when you’re texting. Most people don’t stare at their crotch and then smile.”

I replied, “Some people might.”

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Eh, You Might Wake Up Canadian Eh, That’s Really Takei

Wow, where to start? Deuce is being REALLY annoying. He’s writing hilarious posts that trigger tons of clever witty replies, but the posts are read only. I told him I’ve been talking about him. He said that’s why his ears have been burning, he thought it was lice. A surprising reply that he is unaware of just how appropriate it is.

My thought processes might appear random, but in the due course of time that will be proven.

I had a dream about my dad last night. He died in 1990. In the dream I was describing an LRC circuit and how useful and widely used it is. From starter caps on electric motors to oscillators inductors and capacitors often get paired. The dream got a little weird then. I was showing Dad a rather annoying warning buzzer. I unplugged it, and still it buzzed. It must have battery backup I told Dad. I took out the batteries, still it buzzed. I took the speaker off. Still it buzzed. Then for some unknown reason I launched into a tirade about an AFF troll that used Malcolm Mcdowell’s pic from A Clockwork Orange as his profile pic and used the handle Lord Chaos Rules followed by a number. Part of the tirade was that LCR would get kicked off the site and come back as LCR +1 on the number. It took a long time for them to finally get rid of that guy. Okay, strange dream, how could it be stranger? By waking up Canadian. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDeDQpIQFD0

Let me guess, you just think that is sooo Takei. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRkIWB3HIEs

On Facebook I think a substantial amount of the humor is credited to his page. He can definitely be a funny guy. I don’t hold anybodies preferences against them. You are the way you are and to thine own self be true. If it’s none of their business you can lie to them. Don’t say Fuck You, because that could be construed as an invite.

I also like the comics. http://www.gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2013/03/12

When the dream ended I woke up and my alarm clock had been going off for 20 minutes.

The thought is complete.

Turnip Dreams and Other Things

A curious juxtaposition has occurred. I was talking on the phone to my friend AB, and she has had some problems with her foot lately. She has an ulcer on her heel and one of her toes has swelled to about double in size and turned purple on one side. People have been on her case to go back to the Doctor. They told her to quit smoking. While I can’t really call that bad advice I do doubt the efficacy of treating her foot that way. After much badgering she went back, and they put her on antibiotics. I can’t remember which ones but one made her sick and the other didn’t seem to do much at all. I do remember, actually she reminded me, then I remembered, the other one was the same one they used to treat Anthrax back in 01. She has also been having nightmares about her foot being infested with maggots or worms. Where am I going with this? Well, Mrs Fever mentioned turnips in a reply to one of my comments. That didn’t clear things up? Okay, I was put on a weight loss drug back in 08 and it caused nightmares for me. I wrote a blog about it 7-19-2008, I’ll copy and paste and all will be made clear.

I can only remember one that could be described as a nightmare. I was at my mom’s house. There was a very large turnip in the yard. The top of the root was over a foot thick, purple on top white at dirt level with large green leaves on top. I asked ma how long it had been there. She said it wasn’t there when she went to bed. I went out to look at it. While I was looking at it my cuff touched a leaf. Instantly there was the pain of needles going into my ankle. My leg went numb and I fell down and screamed. I could fell my leg going from flesh to something solid. Friends neighbors and relatives came running. I yelled for them to pull me away. They tried, but there was a tendril with the leaf. It wouldn’t give. Someone grabbed an axe and chopped the tendril leaving about six inches attached to my ankle. I could feel a solidness spreading from the tendril up my leg. I asked them to take me further away from the turnip. The further away I was the slower the spreading was. I told everyone this. A couple of them came back with shotguns and started shooting the turnip. At first the spreading seemed to slightly recede. Then the bits of turnip that had been blown off took root. Now the were more than a dozen rapidly growing turnips in the yard. Someone else left and came back with a flame thrower. They started burning the turnips and the pain began leaving my leg. The tendril that they had been unable to pull off, fell off of its own accord as the last turnip burned. Then I woke up.

Most of the dreams aren’t as dramatic as that, but odd any way. I went someplace to buy a half a ton of sand. I told them I didn’t have a truck. They said no problem I could borrow that one. They pointed to one out the window. I thought great. They loaded up the sand and I got in the truck. I immediately noticed that this truck had no engine. It was human powered through gears and bike pedals. This dream had some extreme time compression. I had looked at the clock before I fell asleep, I looked at the clock when I woke up to see just how long I had slept. In the dream, I picked up the sand in the morning. I argued with them about the truck. I was stuck with it. Eventually I tried pedaling it and the gears made it possible to move the truck. It was just extremely slow. It was nightfall when I finally gave up. Exhausted and sweaty I got out of the truck and walked away. I had made it about a mile. Then I woke up. In reality, that dream lasted only between 20 and 25 minutes.

One of the key features of dreams or nightmares is that the dreamer buys into whatever is going on no matter how impossible or odd. The exception is lucid dreaming, when you begin to realize that it is a dream and you are asleep. That doesn’t happen very often with nightmares, if it did they wouldn’t be nightmares.

If one is being attacked by vegetables, and one’s neighbors help by using flamethrowers, I think one could be considered insane. The really bad part about the second dream is that when I woke up I had to go to work and I felt as tired as if I had just finished working a very long day.

AB is fond of using the word segue. It does have a certain two-wheeledness about it. We can actually follow each others reasoning patterns. Scary huh?